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Food Not Included (story)

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I decided to write a story about a crossover between Oxygen Not Included and Don't Starve. This is my first story so I hope you enjoy.

Wallace was digging. He was always digging. Everybody knew that Wallace loved to dig. The other dupes didn’t mind, after all somebody has to dig and it might as well be Wallace. But today something interrupted his dig. A loud rumbling sound came from everywhere, as walls began to collapse around him. However Wallace wasn’t scared, he could just dig his way out. Right? And so Wallace aimed his multi tool at the nearest wall and fired.


Hours passed. Wallace was beginning to worry. Was he digging in the wrong direction? Was the cave in really this bad? Was there even a colony left to return to? All this doubt swirled in his mind. He would suffocate before anyone found him. Suddenly a voice sounded in the darkness. “Say Pal, Looks like you’re in a bit of a pickle there.” Wallace flicked his head around the cavern in search of the voice. Had he gone mad due to the lack of oxygen? “I could take you to a place where you wouldn’t have to worry about air ever again, and of course, you could still dig to your heart’s content. All you have to do, is say yes”. Without any other options and nothing to lose, Wallace said something that he was going to regret for years. “Sure, why not”

And with those final words, invisible hands grabbed his body and dragged him away to places unknown.

(best read in the voice of the narrator from “The Stanley Parable”)

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5 hours ago, bfhbuddy said:

(best read in the voice of the narrator from “The Stanley Parable”)

Once I saw that, I listened to a few lines (cos I haven't played the game (._. ) ) and it was perfect XD Though like all DS fans playing ONI, I too have thought about this crossover ^_^

Looking forward to reading more.

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Part 2 is out! Hope you enjoy!


Wallace slowly opened his eyes. He slowly sat up and surveyed his surroundings. A few trees here and there, some birds, a couple of carrots, and some small saplings surrounded his immediate vicinity. He still had his standard issue multi-tool, but no recollection of how he had got here. Wallace stood up and switched his tool to harvesting, because he had a feeling that he would need to find something to eat soon. He took aim at one of the carrots and pulled the trigger. Wallace pulled the carrot out of the storage compartment and took a bite. It at least tasted better than mushbars, so that was all right. He decided to explore the area to try and find a way back...

The sun was beginning to set, and Wallace was still very lost. He had a few rocks, a bit of flint, some food, a couple of twigs, and a handful of grass. There was nothing useful he could make out of this. This is when he began to worry. What if there were nocturnal predators? What if he was in a coma from the cave in? What if he was in purgatory? Then darkness fell and he was left alone with his fears, or at least that’s what he thought. A unnatural hissing noise came from all around him. Chills ran up Wallace’s spine. Then whatever-it-was attacked. He felt an excruciating pain from everywhere, and quickly switched his multi-tool to attack mode. He began firing blindly in hopes of driving the thing away. One of his shots hit a nearby tree, setting it on fire. Wallace scanned his immediate vicinity for the monster, only to find that there was nothing out of the ordinary. Had the fire scared it away, or it still nearby, waiting for an opportunity to strike? All these questions and still no answers. Edging closer to the burning tree, Wallace knew that this was going to be a long night.

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((I kinda forgot about this for a bit, so I made a extra big chapter and decided to give wallace some stats and reader interaction!


Chapter 3 get to work!


Wallace was about to fall asleep when the morning sun finally rose. He had learned one important lesson that night: be afraid of the dark. This time, he would need to be more prepared. Since fire seemed to scare the unseen threat away, maybe he should build a proper lamp or portable light; maybe he could construct a basic building as well, with a bed.


A quick search through his multi-tool’s blueprints revealed that he could build a simple lamp with some stone, some adhesive, and...oh... some conductive metal and a power source. Nearly everything needed power and conductive metal. Wallace could easily dig up some stones, and use tree sap as improvised glue, but he hadn’t seen anything that could be used to conduct electricity, except if the sharp rocks could, but he doubted that. Looks like electric lights are out of the question.


Wallace would need to try something else. He walked while he looked for some recipes that didn’t require anything that was unavailable to him. After about an hour of searching, and fiddling with the blueprint sorting system, he found something that could provide light for when night came! It was…a campfire. Wallace hated the fact that he needed to use such outdated technology when there was a treasure trove of information he simply couldn’t use. He grumbled off as he began to gather the basic things required to build.


(time passes)


The sun was beginning to set, and wallace had all his supplies to be ready for the night creature. He started the fire and set his multi tool to attack mode; however the beast never came. But something had to be done. The colony moto echoed in his head “Stay busy to survive”, sure it didn’t rhyme and nobody really cared if you slacked off, but it was drilled into his head, a code he lived by. But he was still injured and some rest would do him good.


(( now for some reader interactivity


Should wallace:

  1. Get busy and make a shelter (Wallace gets a shelter shelter)

  2. Get some rest (+health, -sanity)

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(I didn't realize this story would become a "Choose your own adventure" story. There seems to be a lot of those popping up in these forums now :p )

B. Get some rest.

Wallace was in no fit state to fight, nor did we want to sleep with the unknown monsters lurking about. He didn't have enough resources for a makeshift bed but despite the consequences, he was all too familiar with sleeping on the ground. He tried to atleast make a pillow and blanket.

Once he was done, he laid down but held his multi-tool close. However it didn't take long for him to fall asleep, due to how tired he was.

Despite the restless sleep, he definitely felt better the next morning. Odd. While you usually need medical bed to regain health, this world seems to work off of sleep alone. How convenient.

What should Wallace do next?

A) Find more resources and food.

B) Make a science machine and begin base building.

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well... I guess I should of been more clear with what the reader interaction ment. I was trying to set up a poll but I couldn't figure it out. I'll put a straw-poll link in the next post.

I plan on continuing the story in a way that the readers choose that may or may not lead to wallace's untimely demise. However I will take your choice,@DragonMage156, and write along with it!

(also wallace has hidden stats like sanity, health, and hunger so keep that in mind when making his actions. I will put subtle warnings for when each of them are getting low)

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I'm with B too. Though I was a bit puzzled wit the name Wallace until MAxwell showed in the first chapter. Looking forward to the future chapters. I haven't seen much fanfics with the unimplemented character Wallace. Good luck on the next chapter.:wilson_smile:

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Chapter 4: a good night’s sleep and resources galore.


After convincing himself that the fire would drive any wildlife away and that a short rest wouldn’t be too much of a setback, Wallace lied down and rested his head on a small pile of cut grass. Despite appearing soft and comfortable, the makeshift grass pillow was not soft at all. Wallace didn’t mind, after all he didn’t have a bed for 18 cycles when he first joined the colony.


(night passes…)


Wallace awoke with a start. The lights were on, time to get digging! Scrambling off the ground, he grabbed his multi-tool and went to finish the new reservoir. Then he remembered. No colony. No assignments. No idea where he was. Nobody else to help him. Wallace sighed and began to think of what to do next. He remembered what the colony did. Get basic materials then build what was necessary. So Wallace decided to gather everything he could get his hands on.


(time passes…)


Wallace had just finished blasting a small field of rocks into separate, useable pieces, and was halfway through defrosting a small grove of trees, when he heard a sound. Wallace didn’t know what made this sound, or if it was dangerous, and switched his multi-tool to assault. He heard it again, louder this time and it was to his left. Whatever it was, it was close, and probably dangerous.


((time to vote! What does wallace encounter!))


  1. A gobbler

  2. A tall-bird

  3. A secret mob chosen by the Author



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