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in fallout shelter there are special rooms which allows for settlers to improve skills. maybe oxn can also use that but in another way? certain rooms can be researched to train dup's stats more efficient. 

Art station- trains creatively and reduces stress.

Study station- trains learning but causes stress

Obstacle station- trains athletics but cause a bit more hunger

(More to come)

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11 hours ago, AlexRou said:

The skills already do upgrade, the only ones that don't are learning/str and I think creativity.

Learning upgrades with research but you run out of use for it quite soon in current game.

Creativity upgrades with making art.

The only stat that does not upgrade is strength. And that should IMO upgrade with delivery instead of athletics. Athletics might be improving just in transits (when the dupe goes somewhere to do something, not carrying a material) and when running the wheel.

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tinkering makes faster learning skill gain on research. quick learner is flat bonus so is better 3+5 than flat 8

creativity increases making 8 to 14 sculptures (only tested 3 to 4, needed like 14-16 sculpture) but 2 enough for best sculpture, 4 for painting

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