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Valves should be able to produce "blobs" of exact size

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Sending a large blob of liquid/gas through a cold pipe usually does nothing as the blob does not lose enough heat to break the pipe while traversing the cold region. However if a pump/valve sends a very small blob to the pipe (a few grams) right before it runs out of material, it freezes almost instantly and breaks the pipe every time. This happened to me even using an insulated pipe.

At present, a valve set to 800 g/s will produce a blob of 800 g every second, but if less is available, it sends whatever is available.

My suggestion is to add an option that if there is not enough material available, the valve will retain it until more comes and it will only produce blobs of exactly the specified size.


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39 minutes ago, ZSST said:

Have you tried not using a valve and just relying on a pump?

Pumps can send a few grams as well, usually when they suck last few drops of water in the tile, or when there is near vacuum in the chamber. It may not happen often but fixing such broken pipe might still be a bother if it's in a hard to reach place.

In my case I was pumping polluted oxygen to chamber with cold hydrogen and I did not want to send large amount of it at once so I added a valve. And some time later I found the pipe broken and it took me quite a while to figure out what was the problem since the gas was not stopped in it by anything, it was routed straight to the vent.

Another option would be that if the amount of material that changed state in the pipe is small enough, it would not break it but stay in place until another blob of the material comes, then it would merge with it and resolve if it will continue in original state, or if it still changed state and the mass of the new blob is large enough to break the pipe.

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