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Griefers on official Klei servers

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Is there any rules or moderation being done about griefers on Klei official servers?


Today I had 2 incidents of griefing on Pengull parade server, first was hackers using names of player accounts joining the server and spamming kick votes. They would login using my name then commence kicking myself any many others from the server.


Another incident same server 4 players initiated kick votes on newly joining players without any reason, I assumed they were all friends and were just kicking players for the hell of it, they then tried to regenerate the world but the vote failed,  Instead they decided to destroy the base I was building.


There names are ****, Bunnyash, Mimimimyku, and frostbolt, the one responsible for burning the base was **** as he had said he hated the base destroying all the work done till that point.

Need a griefing report button added so players can get some support while playing on official servers.


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Nope. These are completely unmoderated. Klei cannot afford having an admin on each of the official servers.

Additionally, it is against the rules of the forums to name people's Steam accounts, so you'd better remove the names fast. Send them to Cezarica for the community blocklist instead.

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The players you mention have a long history of being cancerous in public games. I had not heard of them for about 2 1/2 months ; they've been abusing the votekick/regen vote system, taking over public games by kicking players one by one, and once they have power, stay in control by kicking everyone on sight until they're done playing. Separately, they also torch camps and dodge kicks until most ragequit. When one is here the others are often coming soon.

They've been here for a while, doing that stuff on and off, and i do not see them going away any time soon.

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Klei is a small team so they can't put someone to police their own servers around the clock, as bad as this sounds. Also keep in mind that they also have a "no name and shame" policy on the forums so please do yourself a favor and don't post names, not only that could get you in trouble but also because that won't help given the fact that anyone can change it's steam name, but they can't change the profile unless willing to buy the game again. :)

Want to help? Start the game, hit Play > History > Encounter and click on the avatar next to the bin on the right side of one of the names you know that griefed. A windows will pop up showing that player steam profile. Copy/paste that profile url and PM them all of them to me if I'm not asking for too much. One player's loss is another player's fortune to not run into the same pricks while playing on community dedicated servers that is using the information you shared.

The cherry on top would be to go to My Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta (if you are in the beta branch) or My Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether (if you are on the non-beta one) and from here send me the client_chat_log.txt file if the incident just happened, or go to backup\client_chat_log and save the client_chat_log files (for example client_chat_log_2016-12-02-16-15-50.txt) that correspond to the day the incident had happened. This extra step is not mandatory but could help to leave no shade of a doubt in regards to your claim, as long as they said something in chat like bragging with griefing skill or mocking players after burning and smashing base (had 2-3 of them on my own dedicated server).

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