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  1. tfw ancients were hydralisks
  2. There's another bug that (i believe) still exists: if you get splumonkeys angry at you, there's a chance that 1-x of them will be bugged when the cycle hits, turning its melee attacks into some hybrid between the shadow melee attack and the regular poop throw: the shadow monkey will attack you in melee range, but no matter how far you run the attack WILL connect, do 10 sanity damage and spawn a manure at your feet. This is a pretty big problem when you are kiting large groups.
  3. If avoiding depth dwellers by walking on the edge is to be fixed, i want to be able to burn the silk like in DS
  4. This is a game i'm hosting. I had played in big camps before but had never built my own after 1500 hours of dst. 3 regular players, and other buddies come whenever they can. A lot is to be reworked, so i'm not showing everything
  5. I did some testing about his HP : As max hunger wolfgang with c_supergodmode() and tentacles spikes (102 damage), using the Global Pause mod and ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() to control any creepy crawler coming to him and remove his 'shield generators'. First try removing every single crawler : he lasted 119 hits. 1 out of 119 was shielded. 118x102=12'036 Second third and fourth tries, letting 10 of them go to him (assuming it was a heal) : 157 hits took him down. 0 out of 157 shielded. 157x102 = 16'014. Total : he seems to have 12'000 HP, crawlers seem to heal him for 400 HP each assuming this is a flat heal. As far as phases go, i noticed he summons the first round of crawlers + shield when he loses 4'000 HP (he did it every single time the first spike hit 60%). Whether the other rounds are time based or HP based (i think the latter), idk yet.. got to stop procrastinating at some point. edit : max hunger wolf not max hp
  6. To avoid getting stuck in his bone cages, stand next to the edge