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We need hotkeys to build specific buildings and etc.

Currently, I can press 1 to select "Base buildings" but then i have to click mouse to select wich building i want to build. Basically, it's useless to press "1" if I still need to move my mouse away from center to the bottom left corner.  

Same with "Prioritize" value. We need a way to select wich value do we need pressing hot keys or scrolling mouse. But not just left click on prioritize value. 

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I liked the order system in (a quite old game called) Battlezone (1998, video of redux version).

Translated to ONI this would be: press the number key in order for:

  • the building section
  • the actual building
  • the material to be used
  • the priority to use

RMB would always cancel and bring you back to the start, ^ (left of one) could be 'select the same as last time'.

Downside would be to only have 12 buildings per category (1-0 + the two keys right to them), so the pipe/vent section would need to be split into two. It would immensely speed up building stuff, as you wouldn't need to travel away from the build location with the mouse anymore:

2116, place copper Algae Deoxidiser, 3116, place Copper Manual Generator, 3316 lay copper wire - all with priority 6 - then ^^^7 (translates to 3317) would lay more copper wire with higher priority (7).

Would really like to see that interface coming back, as it -after some initial struggle to get used to it- it was very intuitive to control.

And as you could, in ONI, always use the mouse to click the options it would be for the player to decide to use it (or go into it incrementally).

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34 minutes ago, Masterpintsman said:

so the pipe/vent section would need to be split into two.

That should be done anyway.

Apart of that I don't really like the need to make so many keypresses to do something. There should be some defaults and up/down keys instead, such as number key opens a building category, another number key picks a building.  Or I can do that with mouse. It appears under cursor with last used material and priority. Then Home/End step through building materials PgDn/PgUp adjust the priority.

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