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  1. I was trying to "catch" moment when they consume electricity , but they are always 0/25 W
  2. I have just found really weird dups behavior: sometimes while construction delivering, they prefer to take mats from the container located far away, even if there are same mats on the ground just next to building location. about 1 year ago there were no such issues with dups logic. One of patches totally broke it.
  3. I suppose dups should take mats from the shortest distance
  4. Thank you for ut opinion, but i have different view. It's better when i make stock of materials where they are needed. For instance, when i build something from iron, it is generally better when haulers will bring large quantities of materials, and only then workers start to build structures. Its much more time efficient. Also, my colony was starving because farmers do not want to use this container with dirt. If i would not notice this bug, they will starve to death. Farmers was trying to get dirt from long distance and wasted a lot of time. I play on maximum difficulty settings. so it's generally better when haulers bring large quantities, and only then workers take what they need from near containers.
  5. I have dirt in storage compactor, and mealwood in plant box just next to it. Dups stands near compactor and going to deliver dirt to plant box. But dup always try to get dirt from the ground no matter how far it is. If there is dirt on the floor in allowed aria, and this dirt is not market as Sweep, then dup ignores dirt in compactor and goes for dirt on the floor. Same with coal for coal generator. Just made it with fresh save and with build order.
  6. problem was "fixed" after giving him sweap order
  7. Dup with 8 strength carries 200 kg to storage containers
  8. More than 1 year with this real annoya error. Confirm that it still exists. Therefore, I can not manage my work with duplicates, so only some of them do Sweap. All duplicates make Sweap, not one meter, that I forbid them.
  9. In current game build these activities are somewhat messed. I uncheck sweep in "Jobs", but duplicant does it while deliver is checked. And he does "Sweep" (wich is uncecked) even if he had Build order to do. Build i suppose has higher defoult priority then just deliver.
  10. ups, wrong forum. Close this thread plz, i started the same in "suggestions"
  11. There is no group of minerals as "solid material" in storage compactor. And i can't put phosphorite in storage compactor
  12. Well, it's not a bug but... We need hotkeys for specific buildings and etc. Currently, I can press 1 to select "Base buildings" but then i have to click mouse to select with building i want to build. Basically, it's useless to press "1" if I still need to move my mouse away from center to the bottom left corner. Same with "Prioritize" value. We need a way to select with value do we need pressing hot keys or scrolling mouse. But not just left click on prioritize value.
  13. I was hoping pneumatic doors is for zoning your base, to prevent duplicants useless running when he finds job in other corner of base. But if i mark door as "closed", duplicants try to pass throw and just standing still waiting till i open door for them. If door is closed, then it should influence "areas within reach" with we can find in "show duplicant's navigation"