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DragonMage156    27526
5 hours ago, minespatch said:

Slickster keeps trolling.

He's saving the lives of millions... by trolling, pretty much :p

At first I wasn't sure who should be in the pond but then I thought "Slicksters can swim right? Cos I remember seeing them swimming in oil and such..." so thus another trolling slickster was born. I'll always see them as the trolling type ever since that stream moment XD

Now if only my draft pacu didn't look like croissants XD

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DragonMage156    27526

Dupe OCs as Christmas characters, bleh:

Victor Scrooge


(He's not drooling btw, just noticed that XD )

Santa Buffy! Er... Buffy Claus?


Tinkerer elf Dino


Might be more, might not. Idk.

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DragonMage156    27526

The voidlings: Art edition. I also posted in my other threads incase you wanna have a look at unfinished works of other genres. Here, incase you don't already know, will be art unfinished due to laziness, lack of motivation, unpleasing drafts and/or the like. Let us bask in the glory of scrappy sketches!

Buffy meets Liam:


Liam: REEEE-

Idk if I'll finish this one but it's a funny concept XD (also I know I got the L wrong in goggle, leave me along ^^; )

Swoon Ria:


A redrew of an RP starter. Never really left the grond so it's forever stuck as a swooning Ria. But whom is she swooning over?...

Ria and Boo:


Redraw of an art reply.

Puplin/Ket designs:


Yes I've already posted these but they're still unfinished so... here.

Draw-along Liam:


I'm hoping to finish this one actually.

A Haunting Past:


Cos like all my OCs, they have to have some tragic backstory *derp*

Pet Hatches:


This came after the automation upgrade short. I'll fix the eyes and finish it in due time. I have have to do before then.

ONI Balloons:


Ignore the Wes. I forgot to post this on the DS thread ^^; but the balloons didn't come out as well as I hoped ( ._.)

~Oh Mealwood Tree~:


Tinsel + ONI = Something like this, I think.

Ruby Appreciation:


I watch Thomas Sanders and he made a lil Ruby appreciation video/song and I had to use it here. So cute! ^_^

Wigfrid Dupe:


I posted this on the DS art thread as well. Any suggestions on how she can be improved? I like it but it doesn't look right in some way *tilts head*

Lastly, Ria's lil Shinebug gang:


This is based of the Discord RP (Ria left the base to live with a group of shinebugs in some ruins. She's fine, I'm sure...)

They're actually gonna have their own colours and traits to tell em apart ^_^

That's it for the unfinished ONI art. I didn't have as much as the other two threads but still something worth posting. Dw, I plant to finish most of these so stay tuned for that.

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minespatch    83538
11 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:
  1. 20180103_020606.thumb.jpg.6e8c8a24384ac101eed972a033ecc095.jpgA redrew of an RP starter. Never really left the grond so it's forever stuck as a swooning Ria. But whom is she swooning over... Boo20180103_020714.thumb.jpg.592ee64ad1a7b75b6fa5d1ed2d3507e6.jpg
  2. 20180103_020622.thumb.jpg.918aa5cc3810b227606a2fb2475527a5.jpgI'm hoping to finish this one actually.
  1. IT's obvious who Ria's swooning at. She has a huge crush on Boo, so yeah.:wilson_ecstatic:
  2. I love the energy in this. You might want to focus on what you worked on here.
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DragonMage156    27526
1 hour ago, minespatch said:
  1. IT's obvious who Ria's swooning at. She has a huge crush on Boo, so yeah.:wilson_ecstatic:
  2. I love the energy in this. You might want to focus on what you worked on here.

1. Yeah guess it's too obvious ^^; although the RP has kinda shifted in a different direction so who knows?

2. It was from the dev's draw-along so I'd expect it to be pretty good than my usual work ^^;

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DragonMage156    27526

I'm sorry but I can't get over how good this is XD


The expression and poses is just priceless. Also I may or may not be planning to ship these characters ^^; (don't judge! OC x OC is fine!... Or is it Persona x OC? :confused: )

Oh almost forgot, coloured picture of Whiskers:


Edited by DragonMage156
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minespatch    83538

That last drawing is pretty close to Oni style, though the feet the characters usually have are nubs. Nice work though. You're improving well.

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DragonMage156    27526
27 minutes ago, minespatch said:

That last drawing is pretty close to Oni style, though the feet the characters usually have are nubs. Nice work though. You're improving well.

It was a mix of ONI and Cocoa's style :p

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DragonMage156    27526

Made a short comic:















Victor: I don't care who's fault it is. That water is the only clean water we have at a temperate degree and we can not have two random dupes splashing around in it, no matter how many showers you've had. As punishment for your actions, you will have to go down to the water purifying plant and clean the machines. I'm no monster however so you may use the suits if you wish. Just try not to break anything. Even Dino is reluctant to go down there if there's a malfunction.


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DragonMage156    27526
1 hour ago, minespatch said:

IT's official, Whiskers is a maine coon.:wilson_ecstatic:

I was thinking that but surprisingly, there's not a lot of maine coons that share his colours. What made you say the now and not when I shared his colour image/ref?

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DragonMage156    27526

Later that day (sequel to the comic)


Ria: Cleaning those machines wasn’t pleasant but atleast it’s finally done.

Whiskers: Well I’ve certainly learned my lesson: Never go hunting for pacu again.

Ria: Sorry about that ^^;

Wk: Nah I should have been more alert to be honest. I think we were both to blame.

Ria: I don’t know what exactly I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t anything that happened there.

Wk: Heh and I wasn’t expecting to get wet. Everything past that point was rather spontaneous though, even for me.

Ria: Well believe it or not, I’m glad it happened. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Wk: …
Y’know it’s funny, usually servants would despise getting pulled into the water like that. But you’re different. You say it was fun, getting wet and slashing around.

Ria: Well not so much the “getting wet” part as the “splashing around”. I guess I was feeling a little spontaneous myself.

Wk: Mmm…

Ria: … It’s getting late. Shouldn’t we get back to bed? Or, in your case, hunting?

Wk: Honestly? I’d rather just sit right here, just like this. Maybe I’m too tired to go hunting tonight.

Ria: Very well…
*Shivers* it’s getting cold though.

Wk: …
Say, would you… uh… I guess… do that thing that… people sometimes do when… they get cold?

Ria: You mean huddle together to conserve body heat?

Wk: *Scratches head nervously* Uh y-yeah.

Ria: …
*Shuffles closer and leans into Whiskers.*

Wk: *Blushes before hesitantly putting his arm around her.* [What is this I am feeling? Surely I can’t be falling in love with a servant].

Ria: Whiskers? Do you know why John called me a freak?

Wk: W-why?

Ria: Well… I wanted to know if he’d consider me a powerful entity of sorts due to… this: *Extends a hand and conjures a small flame in her palm.*

Wk: *Eyes widen in bewilderment and slight fear.*

Ria: *Extinguishes fire and puts hand back in towel.* Whiskers… do... you consider me a freak?

Wk: Oh ofcourse not! Honestly I think all the other servants are the weird ones. I mean the only ones with ears and tails are you, me and the she-devil. Where’s everyone else’s?

Ria: Ehehe… thanks Whiskers. That makes me feel a lot better… *yawns and stretches before getting comfortable* please promise me you’ll never leave...

Wk: Eh? What do you mean?

*Ria didn’t reply and had already drifted off to sleep.*

Wk: …
I promise.

*Whiskers feel asleep shortly after.*

The next morning...



(I asked Cocoa, Mew and Minespatch to tag their OC that would most likely find them/take a photo of them like this. It turned into a full on RP XD )

John: [OwO] hecin caught.

Nava: LEt's watch until they wake~

John: Nyokay

Goomy: I dunno that seems needless.

Nava: *Hugged John from behind. Resting his chin on the boy's shoulder.*

Goomy: ,,,Sooooo you two are a thing im guessing?

Nava: Oui. *He perked at Goomy. Snuggling John tight.*

Goomy: Well that's nice for both of you, didn't think John would ever find someone if I'm honest uhhhh,,,, no offense John don't wish death upon me or assassinate me in my sleep! *Goomy squeaked, John simply shrugged* Eh none taken.


Goomy: Baldo! That's pretty rude don't you think?!

Baldo: Eh, shuddup, I'm a glutton for drama.

Goomy: Well I won't because that's technically a breach of privacy taking pictures without the permission of those in the image or in secret!!

Baldo: It's perfect.

Goomy: B-but still Baldo you shouldn't do that!

Goomy: How would you feel if I took a picture of you eating meat?! You wouldn't like it would you?!

Baldo: Well, no cause I don't eat meat and you'll never catch me doing such a heinous crime, Goomy-bear. *He smugly elbows her shoulder*

Goomy: D-don't call me Goomy-Bear Baldo! *She yelped, obviously slightly flustered at such a nickname* Well what if I catch you doing something embarrassing in general huh?!

Nava: It's a adorable name. *Nava gave a smug smirk.*

Goomy: Well I don't like it! *She huffed crossing her arms.*
Look I just,, ugh this is really despicable you know that Baldo? I'm telling the captains.

Whiskers begins to stir, opening his eyes and seeing everyone stand over him. Frowning, "What are you servants staring at?" Then he noticed he was sharing his body warmth with someone else. He looked down and noticed someone lying on him. After a moment of recollection and realization, he freaked out, waking Ria in the process.
Ria: "Ah wh-wh-whh" she said, then noticed their position and immediately got off Whiskers. They both covered their faces but you could tell they was blushing profusely with embarrassment. Oh just kill me now Whiskers thought while Ria's, now pinkish, tail wrapped itself around her.


Goomy stepped close "Huns are you okay?" She asked in worried tone.

There were no response from the two except tiny "oh my pod oh my pod" said over and over again.

John just snickered. "Hecking caught you two" he smirked

Baldo: I got pictures. You two are never going to live this down.

John: I know right hahahaa *he laughed.*

Nava: Can we see~? Nava purred to Baldo.

Goomy just angrily punched Baldo's shoulder with her robot hand.

Both were still shaking, covering their faces but their breathing isn't as fast as before.

Baldo: Heh, sure, creepy man who looks kinda like me. (He tries tossing one to Nava but its a piece of plastic so it kinda just flooooats down to the ground.)

Goomy: Baldo! Don't be giving out things like that!!

Nava: *Gave a smirk, finding this hilarious.*

John just continued to snicker and occasionally let out a small laugh.

Ria and Whiskers:


Goomy treaded over "I'm real sorry about those three taking pictures and laughing over there you two."

Whiskers: *Twiddling his thumbs.* I-I sh-should have... b-been more careful. Heheh...

Goomy: Well you were asleep so you couldn't be more careful honestly.

Meanwhile John is now outwardly laughing, his face seemed to be in slight pain though I don't think he's used to laughing.

Nava: I found it adorable more than humorous. Oh well. *He shrugged*

John: I CANT ******* BELIEVE HOW DUMB YOU TWO WERE!! *He wheezed, pointing a slightly shaky finger at the two.*

They blush more at John's laughing.

Wk: Y-yes I could have! R-Ria was tired and was literally falling asleep! M-maybe if I had c-carried her to bed and w-went back to m-my own, n-none of this would have happened.

Ria: *Finally speaking up after so long, still embarrassed.* W-well... I-I thought... I-I'm kinda... uh...

John: YOU TWO ARE UTTER MORONS!! *He yelped through his constant laughter, he was still smiling in a sort of pained way. He's not used to genuine smiling.*

Baldo disappears out of the room.

John just continued to develop into just a wheezing fit now (I don't think he's stopping oh dear lord.)

Goomy is confused.

Whiskers: *To Goomy* Can you shut him up?! It's wasn't even that funny!

Hot Cocoa but they're Sayori-Last Friday at 4:52 PM

Goomy: I- Okay uhhh John? Maybe stop laughing? *She asked the laughing maniac. But he wasn't listening he was still having a laughing fit.*

Nava: *Started slapping John's face silly.*

Ria: I... u-uh...

John didn't seem to pay attention to the slapping and instead continued to wheeze. He had no idea why he was doing this or what was happening to be honest.

Whiskers's embarrassment started to turn into anger and he was getting feed up with John's unnecessary laughter.

John just continued to wheeze loudly, stopping only to take a large breath,,, before continuing again.

Nava: Bernard, get John water, I'll calm him down. *Nava continued his beatdown.*

Whiskers: *Stands up, fists clenched.* OK!! That's enough!!

John wasn't exactly listening to anyone at all, just laughed and laughed.

Whiskers: Don't make me scratch out your other eye.

Nava: *Punched John's gut, tryin to calm the man.*

John gasped at the sudden punch and simply keeled back, before collapsing to the floor still laughing wildly. Seems the punch didn't help matters.

Whiskers: ENOUGH!! *Walks over, picks John up by the shoulders and shakes him.*

John didn't seem to care and just continued to laugh in Whiskers' face "LOOK AT YOU AND YOUR FLUFFY PATHETIC ASS. TRYING TO HIDE YOUR STUPIDITY!!"

Whiskers slapped John hard across the face. "Look maybe it was funny for you at first but this is excessive!!!"

John paused at the slap for a few brief seconds, before starting right back up again. "YOU REALLY THINK THAT'LL DO ANYTHING?!"


John just laughed in Whiskers's face again, poking his cheek "I DOUBT YOU WOULD. NOT AFTER THAT SHOW OF WEAKNESS"

Nava: *Rolled his eyes and kneed John in crotch as hard as he could.*

( 0.0 )

John let out a small squeak of surprise and fell limp, though he wasn't laughing as loud as before he was still giggling to himself.

Nava: *Brought a hand to John's mouth. Gently sushing.* Sleep... Sleep.

Whiskers lets go of John and goes back to Ria. She was no longer embarrassed but rather surprised at his sudden burst of aggression. "You ok Ria?"

Ria: Y-yeah just...

Soon as he let go John just fell unconscious, either from laughing too much or just from being hit in the crotch too hard.

(Cocoa left just after this so I just guessed Nava took John to bed for rest)

Ria: Heh, now we're alone again.

Whiskers: Yeah. That was pretty crazy.

Ria: Yeah. Uh Whiskers? The thing I was trying to say before was... our little nap together... *a bit of pink tinted her cheeks.* I-it was really nice.

Whiskers: *Felt his face heat up as well.*

Ria: Hugged him. Thank you.

Whiskers: *Was surprised at the gesture but hugged her back, quietly purring.*


(Sadly I was having trouble with angles so I had to settle with this)





And that's all.


Edited by DragonMage156
Added the whole freckin RP. Wowzers! Enjoy.
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DragonMage156    27526

Added more to the previous post (incase you wanted to see the whole RP). Even if not, least I can read it anytime till it gets cringy ^^;


The Next Day/Night:


Ria: Aren't the stars a beautiful sight?

Wk: Eh, maybe. They get pretty boring and tiring to look at 24/7. I mean you look out the window and it's like "Oh the stars are twinkling again. Cool". Every now and then you see a shooting star or something and it's pretty cool but other than that, it's pretty ordinary.

Ria: Well... what would you rather see?

Wk: What I really want to see is rolling fields of green grass and bright blue skies!

Ria: *Looks at Whiskers.*

Wk: With some trees and bushes here and there. And an abundance of breathable air! No more of this Space Survival cr@p! I could go running through those fields like I was being chased! Then flop over on my back, taking the deepest gasps of air I wanted. Then watch the butterflies and birds fly by while I finally get a chance to relax... staring up into that beautiful sky...

Ria: *Watched him with wonder.*

Wk: Oh sorry, I went on rambling about my dreams again, heh.

Ria: No no it's fine... I liked it. And now that you mention it, I'd to see that too.

Wk: *Looked at Ria who returned her gaze to the stars.*

Ria: Maybe you won't be alone after all. Maybe you will be chased but not dangerously... playfully. I mean afterall, aren't dreams better shared with someone than lived alone?

Wk: *He smiled, letting out a small chuckle.* Yeah... they are.

Whiskers glanced at Ria a couple more times before moving his hand closer to hers. She noticed this, causing Whiskers to immediately recoil.

Ria giggled before shuffling over to him and leaning on his shoulder. This received a nervous reaction from him at first but soon relaxed.

Ria's, now heart-shaped, tail mischievously snaked it's way around Whiskers's tail. His tail twitched but didn't pull away. They sat contentedly watching the stars till midnight.


Aw how cute (this is what I live for!) and now for an earlier shenanigan I drew that I found pretty cute and funny. What if Ria and Whiskers were transformed into their animal counter parts?



Yeah apparently Ria is a tiny dragon ^_^ also should this ship be called Whiskia or Riskers?

And now for the non-shippy art:



Whiskers with various ONI creatures :p


Ria is disturbed XD

Edited by DragonMage156
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DragonMage156    27526
On 1/24/2018 at 6:43 AM, minespatch said:

PRetty close to the art style. Liam's pupils are huge, he must really like what he's seeing.

I didn't mean to make his pupils look big but then again, you're pupils are known to dilate when looking at someone you really like ;)

Edited by DragonMage156
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DragonMage156    27526

So Mr.P challenged Whiskers to a fight, or something, on Discord. Whiskers was about to accept until he saw his true form. This was his reaction before going offline:


What do you do when someone is a mind reader and you have secret feelings for someone? Probably something like this (spoilered for language):



Idk about you but he sounds an awful lot like Fanci ;P

Lastly, Whiskers brooding on a pipe:


What's he so mad about? Barry finding out he's in love with a certain dupe? Perhaps we'll never know.

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DragonMage156    27526
2 hours ago, minespatch said:

I don't think the secret is going to last long.57c2ad5a07750_arielIDface.png.e651309f8eda0362b78b112fd7cf90e2.png

Technically Goomy, Baldo, Nava, John and now Barry (and possibly Lettuce) knows about it so idk if it's really a secret anymore if they've told everyone.

Speaking of which:


I wonder what it is :p

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