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Where are the texture files for Character Skins?

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For all characters, their files are in data/anim, then found in atlas-0.tex files. But that only has their default skins. I found files with names in data/anim/dynamic/, but those files only have build.bin files, not atlas-0.tex. There are also .dyn files, but I don't know what to do with those either.

So what I'm asking for is how to get the textures for the skins of all the game characters. If anyone knows how, I'd appreciate it!

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9 hours ago, Sudura2017 said:

Not possible - Well it is, but it's not ethical.


@CarlZalph made a dyn file decompiler, (not for malicious purposes, clearly) & has been asked not to... pass it on? I've forgot the word.

Klei's made it clear to me that I may not redistribute the method or binary to keep their assets somewhat secure against people reuploading them as "mods" to the workshop, increasing their workload for having to monitor the workshop to remove such mods.

I've been following their wishes since I made the program, and in reward I still get to peek at new skins that get pushed in all their glory.


That being said, if someone were to get motivated enough to figure out how the archives are manipulated then I do implore that person in question to not release anything or even to mention it- I still get PMs about it.

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