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[Discussion] Research tree and idea of new structures

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So i played the game only since yesterday, not a big amount of time. At the moment, i find the research tree a little bland, it lacks something more exiting. Of course, we are in alpha, of course some suggestions here could already be planned.

So my main suggestion will be : cross research

We have 5 main branchs at the moment. Farm, Liquid/Medicine, Gas, Power, Decoration.

I would like seeing research requiring a base level in farm and power, for example, for a biomass structure using composting as a source of power.

This way you could make choice depending of your current game instead of researching everything because nothing is really special.


Example of cross structures :

Oxygen Chamber : Require Liquid/Mecidine Knowlegde (2), Gas Knowlegde (2)

A small box when you could put a duplicant, either to cure some diseases, or to lower stress. But don't put them into it too often or they will feel trapped and have a malus. If a duplicant suffered from suffocation recently, some time in the oxygen chamber could help him recover.

Water condenser : Require Liquid/Mecidine Knowlegde (2), Gas Knowlegde (2)

This machine separate the water in the air and allow you to obtain small quantities of water over time.


Biomass extractor : Require Gas Knowledge (2), Farm Knowlegde (2)

An improved compost, you also obtain some fuel gas.


Well : Require Liquid/Mecidine Knowlegde (2), Decoration Knowlegde (1)

A decorative structure you could link to a water source, your duplicant can take water from the well to aliment some structure. (Note : i'm aware you could make your own well at the moment with pump, pipe and vent. The idea here is to make it more safe and with a decor value)


Of course, there are just some example of new structure, each branch should have a little more structure. But this way, you could make different choice in different games depending of what you need now or what fit your game better. Sure, at the end you'll search everything, but if the order vary enough you add replayability to the game.



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I see there are two machine for research, novice and intermediate , which suggests to me that you are going to be adding an 'advanced research, a third tier of you like.

So I was thinking.... for the 'advanced' research the all new  cray 1024 computer,( it is 1024 super computers) cooled by liquid hyrdogen or helium . So you would have to make a liquid gas for it to run, I will leave it to you guys to figure out what new machines you could build.  Maybe some super wire that can handle 10kw instead of the current 2kw.  And "expanded vision" that would add three or four of the already visible field of view you have if you get my drift, the fog of war thingy. there are so many things you could put in.


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All of your structures with the exception of maybe the biomass one, can and will be better done with clever usage of the current structures.

You can build a oxygen chamber with tiles, a airlock, and a gas vent connected to a gas pump pumping in oxygen. All the devs need to do is make it so the dupes have some effects in high oxygen.

You can make a water condenser now, just pump steam into a room filled with gas pipes filled with cold hydrogen flowing through them. If you mean making water in places where there is no steam then whats the point of that when there is so much water coming from geysers you won't know what to do with it all.

You can make a well now with a U shape of tiles and a liquid vent connected to a liquid pump pumping in water.(I know you know, just putting it here in case people didn't read above) How is making it a building any more safe? If you used the right materials for the tiles you can even get decor improvement.

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Interesting thought - research is too quick. You can get your research done by cycle 20 with ONE duplicant if you get a lvl 10 Scientist from the start.

What if, in addition to the 'expert research' what if you had to unlock the research buildings?
ie another research tree for research (redundant I know). Who says we should just 'know' how to make an advanced research station?

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I wouldn't mind having to research super computer to advance research. It worked fine in Don't Starve when upgrading from science to alchemy machine. It's sort of funny how dupes know how to build a super computer at birth but not a compost heap or blank canvas.

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