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  1. custom scenario

    Yes, that would be easy to do, to make some areas hot or cold, to get stuff to fall from the sky you just bury them in 1Kg of Oxalite, and when it sublimated, what ever is burried in it fall, hence the scenaro 'it's raining bugs and seed'. hehe. There is all kinds of tricks you can use to move things around, for instance, if you have too much stuff on the ground, repeately make tile under them, that raises them up. To get rid of a bunch of stuff on ground, I dig up a section under it, then destrust and rebuild the tiles they were sitting on and then bury them in the deep levels. Everything is transportable, so I could for instance put 6 natural gas gysers beside each other, or what ever, I could put all the plants together to make a nice garden. To make cold or hot spots, I usually bury a 1,000,000Km Diamond (diamonds transfer heat the best) some where and in 10 to 20 cycles the area around them is very hot or cold, then, change the diamond to a 1Km algae and it's all good VOIDS are more for sucking up bad air, and liquids, if you put one in the middle of a ladder, you don't see the ladder, but it is still there and can be used by the dups.after time, they dissapear, but there are may other hazards I can create Being able to use neutrinion or unobtanium is of great use since you can not dig through it or destroy it, give rise to future maze scenarios! Also hava another idea where you have to rescue some Dups straned on a dessert island, by way of secret tunnel ?!?!? I really wish I could leave sign posts along the way in the game Here are some hints and tips using debug: if you paint an entire section with say coal, and then paint it with 'vaccuum' it will remove all the coal but leave the plants and animals at the bottom! BUT, this will make the temp of the section the same temp of the coal you made if you want the temp to stay the same as it was before, paint it with 'sand' then again remove it with 'vaccuum', the area will be the same temp as it was before you effected it. when using PAINT, alway set the mass and the temperature, and I usually uncheck the 'effect building' even so, I have noticed that if I do a mass dig, and there is a building or tiles in it, the change to a white color and are no longer there even though you can see them, you need to deconstruct them and build them again. WEll you have given me some good ideas, I will continue on my 'raining seeds' and desert rescue scenario, and see what I can do about the termperate one for you, I am also working on a 6K Watt work lab that will include most of the gasses, and some not listed in the non debug play mode. If anyone has more ideas, I would love to hear them. Wish there were a way to reset the Cycle counter back to zero for when I am done and it is ready to go. Ted
  2. Would any one be interested in some custom scenarios? I just love playing in debug mode. If so, what kind of scenarios would you be interested in? I have a few ideas of my own, I am working on one now called "it's raining seeds and bugs" if anyone is interest. If it sounds interesting and some one would like to try some, please leave a post here
  3. The backspace key opens up the cell painter for me, the first time you do it, it takes about 15 seconds to activate, then you can see the whole world and paint cells to what ever ya like. That and the ALT F4 (instant build) key are really the only ones I use in debug mode. Ok, maybe the ALT F2 key to rescue a dup from death as well.
  4. where is this check to remove? i.e. what and where is this showineditor thing you speak of? and how do I change it? and what is the IL code? Is that something I can play with?
  5. Heat Rising?

    Hot air does rise, and cool air falls. If you look at the thermal overlay you will see a streak of hot rising from something that is hot, it is very noticeable with a heater. The same goes for cool air, if you have a vent that is putting out cool air, you will see a downward streak in the thermal overview.
  6. Does anyone know if you can make slime in debug mode? I don't see it listed as anything you can paint, unless it has a different name, there seems to be just about everything else though! Thanks
  7. I would be happy with just being able to set the default priority to something other then 5. But everyone is right about the 1-4 priority, hardly ever use that.
  8. build 219035 what is new?

    Ya, I did that, that is why I said never mind, sigh, I should have figured that out on my own. Thanks for the replies though, much appreciated. Think I will look a bit closer at things before I ask for help
  9. Where do I find out what has been changed in the new build from 218xxx to 219035 ? NEVER MIND Is it possible to delete this message? I mean, can I delete it?
  10. Haven't figured out how to get them to put on their clothes. Can you assign them more then one type of clothing? And if so, do they change by them selves when they need to, like going from a hot place to a cold place? Or do I have to get them to change them?
  11. You need a battery on the output side of the transformer, don't ask me why, but it works if you have one, I had the same problems and a battery fixed it




    that is what the plan is, but first wanted to see if anyone would be interested in it, or if I could get more feed back on what the bench should have.


    p.s.  I am in the general forum?


    1. Ted n Emily

      Ted n Emily

      Well after many hours, I have figured out, the whole thing is going to have to be a lot bigger, lol.

      can anyone give me feed back on what materials they would like to see in the lab?

      I have good water, bad water, several gases....

      All the materials you need to build pretty much what ever you want..


      Input would be appreciated


  13. Weird count on Mealwood seed

    Having the same problem with blossom seeds, and as a bonus another bug about the storage compactor indicator, including a screen shot. Mooo Cycle 72 (1).sav
  14. I have noticed that as well, walk right by the nice shiny lav and head for the stinky outhouse.