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  1. Quick update - the issue is still very much so there. I've gotten used to sitting in the loading screen and main screen for a while as I patiently hover, click, repeat to get the game running.
  2. This is part of what I did when I uninstalled my game. No go. That said, again, once I installed the DLC public beta, the game does load. The loading screen is absolutely locked with about 1 frame every 5 seconds. I can still get into a game if I'm extremely patient. Hover over the 'new game', 'load game' until it brightens - about 30 seconds to a minute Click - about 10 seconds to respond Choose survival - Again takes about 10 seconds to respond Once in the game, it runs normally. -- It's not a hardware issue either. My PC is more than overkill for this game.
  3. Welp I just bought and installed the DLC. Now my game loads again. That said, it's virtually frozen at the opening page. I don't know where to find the player log. Debug txt file attached debug.log
  4. I've had few issues with ONI over the years and 2000 hours later, as of sometime last week, I'm no longer able to load the game past the KLEI logo. I'm thoroughly disappointed as I had planned on getting the DLC. I've never had this issue before the most recent update that included the test branch for the DLC (I had not downloaded the beta). Despite being on vanilla, I still cannot access the game. I've uninstalled and reinstalled ONI multiple times with no luck.
  5. Please see the attached picture. Out of nowhere, my dupe was transported into the water from who knows where...
  6. Ahh gotcha! I did try lowering it but I still had framerate loss
  7. No issue with resolution 1080 ti OC 4770k OC 32gb RAM OC All watercooled and not running hot
  8. The game is insanely slow whilst panning across the base. This is likely due to the complex array of power/liquid/gas pipes highly concentrated on the right branch of my base. See attached world file Bonus: The liquid-cooled fan is not functional (see log file) Eggertown 75.sav
  9. If anybody has an amazing painting that they'd be willing to sell let me know. I'm in the mood for some DS paintings!