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  1. I know I'm a coocoobanana but hear me out... Electric rocket. Extremely high energy required and utilizes space materials that efficiently conduct and store energy at a fraction of the size of regular batteries. This would have to be a very late game research item that could require a special artifact (for research) from an asteroid far far away?
  2. Any word on a potential BETA and/or BETA keys? I'm so in for this game I've already forgot about ONI Kappa (But seriously, I need a major update to ONI to refresh my interest)
  3. Please see the attached picture. Out of nowhere, my dupe was transported into the water from who knows where...
  4. Ahh gotcha! I did try lowering it but I still had framerate loss
  5. No issue with resolution 1080 ti OC 4770k OC 32gb RAM OC All watercooled and not running hot
  6. The game is insanely slow whilst panning across the base. This is likely due to the complex array of power/liquid/gas pipes highly concentrated on the right branch of my base. See attached world file Bonus: The liquid-cooled fan is not functional (see log file) Eggertown 75.sav
  7. Fan Art Updated on Website!

    If anybody has an amazing painting that they'd be willing to sell let me know. I'm in the mood for some DS paintings!