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Creepy Themes? (DS and DST)

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so this is kinda lazy of me but I took the Don't Starve theme and the DST theme and pitched them down a fair bit and also slowed the tempo down and... it kinda sounds cool.

Very dark and sinister, just wanted to share.

I'm only planning on using these for personal use and all credit to Klei for the original music of course.

Personally I think the original theme pitched down sounds the most interesting.

don't starve shadow theme.wav

don't starve together shadow theme.wav

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Ooh, creepy.

I do agree with Minespatch on which one sounds better. An idea actually crossed me while listening to these: If we took Ragtime and slowed it down and distorted it or something, it could sound like an old aged record player. Then, idk, you could use it in a horror kinda setting? ... I have a thing for those old creepy sounds :p

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