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Have you ever seen 600(?) trees

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1. We're pretty foul mouthed. I don't remember how much I actually cut out. 

2. We're aware this was probably due to a mod being deactivated, or just mods existing in general. Still is funny as heck.

Yeah so we disabled a mod and then we came to the realization our world suddenly had exactly 0 Birchnut trees. As in even c_gonext (or whatever the command is, I wasn't host) couldn't find them. Then as we're bumbling around trying to figure out where all our Birchnuts suddenly went, there's a massive frame drop. Then we found the problem.

(My mic wasn't set to be picked up until about half way through. @osmRhodey was not talking to themselves I swear)

Our best guess is that the world suddenly went "NO BIRCHNUTS????? I BETTER FIX THAT" and... put them all in at once. In the same spot. (0,0 perhaps?)

So we quickly came to the conclusion that chopping all these trees down was not going to happen. So what's the next best option for ridding a bunch of items? Fire. And lag. This actually took about 20 minutes which I've shortened down to about 6 for your viewing "pleasure".

Don't plant all your trees at once, kids. 

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8 minutes ago, WishIHadAFridge said:

Huh. I've seen this happen with pig houses once. It of course had to be the one time I was Webber.

Try asking the host to c_spawn("shadowmeteor") next time. Your CPU will most likely hate you forever though.

It hated us forever regardless, I think. 

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