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Insanity Aura, scaling on sanity, and drops on kill

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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me get the following issues resolved; I have been trying to complete these last few attributes to get the character completely play testable.

*extra nightmare fuel and less sanity back on kill from nightmare kills
*insanity aura for nearby players only
*Sanity regen at night, no sanity loss at dusk, sanity loss during day
*Damage scaling on the lower sanity


Any help given on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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I guess you could do the first with a "killed" function, like if the victim has tag "nightmare", then less sanity gain (i don't know if you could add drop this way)

Insanity aura should be doable, maybe search older topic about how to have a sanity aura ?

For sanity regen, Wendy has something like this that you could tune i think.

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okay i will take a look into the sanity regen on Wendy, and also have you seen anything that mentions item drops? I have noticed that the search function doesn't pull words from the text well (which is why i posted in this fashion). Cause then i can try to see how to drop item from dying target location under the same script from sanity gain.

Thanks so far; anything else you find I would greatly appreciate information on.

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