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  1. Is it possible to make a character lose hp when jumping into a wormhole? If so would anyone know how to accomplish this task?
  2. Thanks; I just wanted to make sure I understood the line. Thanks to everyone whom helped me with the character!
  3. Fortunately SuperDavid was able to help me with a few of my issues that I had with the mod prior; this was just something I was seeing if it was possible. inst:ListenForEvent( "sanitydelta", function(inst, data) inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = (1.0-inst.components.sanity:GetPercent())*1.0+1.0 end ) That should scale the damage to a multiplier of 2.0 at zero sanity right?
  4. I was wondering if there was a way to scale damage higher the lower sanity gets. Is an incremental scaling based off the character losing sanity is something that would be possible of would I have to do it based off it they hit X amount?
  5. okay i will take a look into the sanity regen on Wendy, and also have you seen anything that mentions item drops? I have noticed that the search function doesn't pull words from the text well (which is why i posted in this fashion). Cause then i can try to see how to drop item from dying target location under the same script from sanity gain. Thanks so far; anything else you find I would greatly appreciate information on.
  6. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me get the following issues resolved; I have been trying to complete these last few attributes to get the character completely play testable. *extra nightmare fuel and less sanity back on kill from nightmare kills *insanity aura for nearby players only *Sanity regen at night, no sanity loss at dusk, sanity loss during day *Damage scaling on the lower sanity Any help given on this topic would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Could you please give me pointers to where i would need to edit for the code? I noticed the name text at the start which didn't correct the issue as to why i posted..
  8. it seems to be giving me an error at the [AddprefabPostInit("wilson",] line
  9. Thank you very much; the main reason i wanted it scaled off the combat damage was because it is an easy way to filter killing rabbits and butterflies along with other object for hp. Plus it also gives a nicer balance to fights so people just don't face tank a bunch of mobs and get rewarded for it.
  10. I was wondering if there was a way for me to add wigfrid's ability to gain health and sanity on kill to a character i have. I have seen ones on the forums but they seen to be a flat bonus and not based on the mobs combat damage. If anyone would be able to separate that function from the battleborn one that she has or if they would be able to rewrite it out that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide in advance.
  11. I already got it figured out; I didn't want to assign the nightmare fuel as a meat which was the issue. I have the character now fully functional and able to only eat nightmare fuel. Nothing else.
  12. So i tried to get it to work but it happens to error out every time that I try to launch as the character. Would anyone be able to give me assistance with getting the character functional and make him only eat nightmare fuel? Thanks for any pointers that you may be able to assist with.