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Ok... Now what?

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My base is in caves and I'm playing Wendy.

1.I have 4 pig houses, 6 rock lobsters, and 40 trees completely hay-walled in resulting in mass production of logs and living logs.

2. I have 10 Bunny hutches and 5 Rock Lobsters completely hay-walled in resulting in mass production of carrots and jerkies.

3. I have 40 Berry bushes, 80 saplings, and 80 grass surrounding an ice flingomatic, resulting in a steady supply of drumsticks, infinite rot for re-fertilization, and mass production of twigs for fuel and grass for hay-wall repair even during summer.

4. I have made roads to the underground swamp biomes, lightbulb fields, and ruins entrance. Needless to say I am mass producing cutreeds, and nightmare fuel from nightmare lights.

5. Entrance to the caves, I have 6 rock-walled in rock-lobsters to dispatch all hound attacks for a nice supply of hound teeth to repair my eyebrella.

6. Got a birdcage and some spider eggs resulting in tons and tons of silk, healing salves, and bacon and eggs or meatballs.

So right now I am swimming in Dark Swords, Night Armors, and Jerkies, killed all the giants, explored the entire map, and... now what? Did I experience everything this game has to offer?

edit:I also unlocked all characters

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5 hours ago, Ispin69 said:

You have to line your cave base and walkways with 100+ potted ferns. ;)

edit: Have you done all 3 caves and explore all 3 ruins?

Exploring was the worst part of the game. Them depth worms kept killing my Abigail :(. Not looking forward to doing that again so...

25 minutes ago, FloomRide said:

now colonize the ruins


One of the many reasons for making a cave base was so I didn't need to make a surface or a ruins base : P

But yeah, I guess colonizing the ruins make sense, I mean shadow creatures only spawn when you are there so maybe a month living there would result in a ton of nightmare fuel, seeing how that is my current bottleneck in my shadow weapon factory.

22 minutes ago, LtShinySides said:

Time to hit the seven seas my friend. 

I guess it is. : )

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On 10/10/2016 at 8:55 AM, imsomony said:

Have you tried Light's Out mode? That's a whole new challenge.

Only the start would be slightly more difficult. Since I live in caves starting from day 6, I don't see how different it would be, especially since Abigail kills everything for me so I don't need to drop my torches, ever.

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