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Don't Starve Bingo! [Mod Release & Discussion Thread]

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BluesyBuesy    681

Hello Don't Starve fans and fanatics. Joeshmocoolstuff/Bluesy here to introduce a whole new way for you to sink many hours into Don't Starve with my mod, Bingo!

What is bingo, you may ask? Bingo is a game that has 25 tiles in a 5x5 grid, and to win you must complete 5 consecutive tiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; in Don't Starve, that means collecting, crafting, or building whatever's in the tile.

Here's a fancy GIF I made to explain the mod succinctly:



  • randomized BINGO board
  • tracking of tile completion and wins (with a little animation upon winning)
  • customizable difficulty 
  • settings to include/exclude items from mods, caves, ruins, RoG, SW, etc
  • saves your current board and progress when the world is saved or when you log out
  • ability to see the bingo seed and input custom seeds to get identical boards
  • ability to create a custom list for the board (advanced)
  • controller support
  • special compatibility with Minimap HUD and Combined Status
  • Works with every version of Don't Starve (DS, RoG, SW, DST)
  • client-only mod -- works on any server (for the DST version only obviously)
  • all of your dreams, wild and otherwise

Interested in trying a round of bingo? Or maybe you just like clicking links? Either way:

Don't Starve Together Steam Version

Don't Starve Single Player Steam Version

Standalone Version for GOG users

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Ninjanemo    6608


Some wrestler guy panicking gif.gif

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CarlZalph    4912
22 minutes ago, BluesyBuesy said:

hmm I'm trying to create discussion threads in the steam workshops, but the discussion section is missing.. anybody know what's up with that?



Seems functional on my end.

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BluesyBuesy    681

The most popular request I've gotten so far is to add in some sort of reward for getting Bingo. I don't really get it. What happened to the satisfaction of a job well done being the reward? I could add it as a config option. In DST, I'd have to set up something server-side as well. 


What do you all think? Is it something worth adding? What sort of rewards would be good? I guess it should probably scale with the difficulty. 

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