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  1. Does that even work in DST? I thought it was a single player thing.
  2. That new boss looks spooky as hell. Great job on the design. I'm excited to see the full breadth of his powers. Don't go easy on us. Also, does anybody have an upload of the ruins theme yet? I'm not able to log into steam at the minute and I'm curious what it sounds like!
  3. I assume they spawn wherever a player is then.
  4. I went through 3 iterations of the enraged state and I only got 6 sinkholes right around Antlion.
  5. I made a quick video showing off what the sinkholes look like. Also, I think the Antlion is a bit buggy when he gets mad. Even though I can still run into him, he disappears until I reset the game.
  6. Man I was expecting some big battle but it turns out antlion is just a goofball. Reminds me of this fella: edit: a special tribute should definitely be a tunafish sandwich! @V2C
  7. Nah that's the oasis pond. You can fish there during the summer to get trinkets. Antlion spawner is invisible, but he shows up during the sandstorms which only occur in the summer.
  8. Yeahhh! Thanks for staying up late once again to push the update tonight @V2C
  9. Aw man. Well, at least these bugs will exist eternally in single player.
  10. I have a question what are your favortite characters from 1-10 also are you going to do any challeges as webber I know his skull has become a staple in your video though I'm curious ok I'm done bugging you

    1. BluesyBuesy


      I like Wolfgang and Wickerbottom a lot. I might eventually do something with Webber, but not anytime soon.