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Maybe someone already said that stuff but I want to write my thoughts down too :).

I don't know why are people so worried about spoilage...

1. You can increase the "freshness" of the stack of food by adding a new item to it.

2. You can cook the item to reset "freshness" (haven't tested with different levels of spoilage though).

3. You got the fridge to slow down the process (yay base builders).

4. Every char's got a bigger stomach!

5. Crock pot !! It is a must now with stacking recipes, lasting longer and having better nutritional value.

6. Or you could just play with the new robot char if spoilage bothers you so much :)

All in all you won't have chests full of food you will never eat ... And I believe spoilage should have been much worse ... Like if 1. was removed and 2. & 3. were nerfed down...

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It's great that you can raise a smallish tallbird now, but if it were to grow into adult form and leave you, it'd be nicer if they grew up into the adult form in a longer time, like 20-40 days, rather than 10!

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My only concern would be if I was still playing my 200+ day game and my 8 chests of food were slowly spoiling, however I killed myself in that game because I wanted new characters and new content! That's the point of a beta, to try new changes and see how they balance.

Sitting back with a fully stocked kitchen and refusing to try new content sounds like the most boring game play experience ever!

Spoilage, or something similar, was inevitable and very necessary. The main objective of the game is to not die, and I don't think anyone will argue with me when I say that challenge generally comes from monsters and almost never food. The game needs direction which forces, or at the very least strongly encourages, players to leave their bases and forage! Sitting back and farming is too easy.

I for one welcome all the new changes; I really would love to have seen baby Beefalo though!

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Ya I like all the changes the spider hat is pretty pointless now tho so i end up just kill like 5 queens at a time via kiting even with they're 20-30 spiders. and maybe make like seeds/berries or something early game that heals more than one hit point because spamming uncooked morsels/other things early is a pain and once you get a crock pot its way too easy to regen hp again.

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