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  1. Personally I much prefer default; I was really excited to try a test game but found myself very ready to quit and start over after just a couple of days. I don't like how the landmasses clump together and bridges zig-zag.
  2. My old base right before last update. Aimed to have things close to my fire so I could do all gathering at night. Most of those chests were food, so not much point keeping this game with spoilage being introduced! Plus I wanted new characters.
  3. My only concern would be if I was still playing my 200+ day game and my 8 chests of food were slowly spoiling, however I killed myself in that game because I wanted new characters and new content! That's the point of a beta, to try new changes and see how they balance. Sitting back with a fully stocked kitchen and refusing to try new content sounds like the most boring game play experience ever! Spoilage, or something similar, was inevitable and very necessary. The main objective of the game is to not die, and I don't think anyone will argue with me when I say that challenge generally comes from monsters and almost never food. The game needs direction which forces, or at the very least strongly encourages, players to leave their bases and forage! Sitting back and farming is too easy. I for one welcome all the new changes; I really would love to have seen baby Beefalo though!
  4. I have a few questions regarding spoilage: 1) Does the Ice Box slow or prevent spoilage? 2) Does adding 1 item to a stack reset the spoilage or join the level of rot? 3) Does cooking reset the spoilage?
  5. My first 2-3 play throughs I did not make it past day 40, had no idea what effigies were, and although I didn't ever come close to running out of food, there were enough dangers in place to keep me on my toes as I was ignorant to all the various threats that existed. Once I made it past a few trial and error games, learned how to build effigies, figured out how to kite kill every mob in the game and have 10 chests full of food; there is absolutely no danger or threat. Personally I do not want to see food spoilage, I just want to see less food. If you can find a creative way to stockpile food then you should be allowed. I feel like the game should require you to use every food source to its fullest extent, slower food growth, longer respawns, tougher critter kills. I hope winter suffices.
  6. Fair enough werewolves are quick I'll grant you but if you don't stop moving they still can't hit you, no?
  7. I'd take an 11th post of recipes over a sarcastic post any day of the week.
  8. I cannot imagine a worse series of events happening unless of course a fire hound died right beside your berry farm, that's my biggest fear at this point of my 209 day game. I never thought of being spawn camped, definitely going to make an alternate camp for effigies! I do have 1 question though, why can you not simply kite the hounds? Do they kill you before you are able to move after respawn? The worst that happened to me was hounds coming for me a few moments after logging in and my traps had not been reset and my pigs were still on respawn after a big spider battle; but I just kited them all into the swamp and the tentacles made short work of them.
  9. About a week or so ago I searched the forums for this very thing before I knew there was a wiki; so I for one appreciate it being posted here. Not sure why somebody with the name and avatar of help doesn't appreciate the same. My thanks.