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  1. I just restarted my game to fix this, but here you go: /home/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/ That'll backup your default profile, if you use a second Chrome file backup /Chrome/Profile 2/ and so on. Hope I helped! :3
  2. The whole point is they want to kill grind. If you keep some low tier items, that's even worse. You buy the game, and have to grind for a spear/log suit. Nobody wants to do that, grinding is boring.
  3. Started up Chrome, and updated straight away! Thanks Kevin and Wade, your the best.
  4. Rev. 71548 EDIT: I tried clearing browsing data on Chrome, and redownloaded the game. Didn't work.
  5. You can hit enemies without tools, it just does almost no damage. Not everything is renewable though, you can't make spears over and over again, because flint if finite. Same with tentacle spikes, since they don't respawn.
  6. Krumpus needs to be buffed IMO. All you have to do is place a toothtrap on their holes and you can get easy 10+ morsels a day. And to kill rabbits without traps you just run at them from the direction they're going to run (aka back to their holes) and slice them. I think rabbits should get buffed and run around you or something because it's ridiculous how easy it is to kill them.
  7. Later update, Steam client for Mac is expected to be out sometime after release I think.
  8. I agree on the game for a complete beginner is very hard, but once you've researched the basics the game becomes actually playable without dying on the 7th night when the hounds come. This is why we need the research update, it'll be very useful for newer players starting.
  9. This actually helped me, thanks help for sharing. Next time I make some meat effigies I'll spread them around the map. Great story btw, I die mostly from not realizing my logsuit breaking, and not making any meat effigies.
  10. I was looking at this thread, and decided to go do some dangerous things. I went to go find a tentacle, but it was so far away I got lazy and decided to go back. Just happened to come across a Tallbird attacking the spider queen. I ran away, and they chased me. When I had lost/killed some I had to also kill another Tallbird. I ate up on my seeds and went around, but a pack of spiders found me at dusk. It just so happened that I didn't notice my Log Suit breaking, and Abigail appeared and killed me.
  11. This just happened to me today, and I also debated suicide (Day 80) I chose not too, instead I decided to fight a tier 3 nest of spiders with a log suit about to break... Luckily I didn't die.