New way of balancing meat effigy

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There are a lot of people talking about balancing/removing Meat Effigy, since it's OP. I have a brand new idea about it.

I think, there might be a debuff, that occurs after respawn from Meat Effigy (mayby also from amulet). That causes a debuff. It will simplly reduce your max hp and hunger to X% for Y days.

X and Y will depend on the numer of respawns you had.

For instance:

X = 100% * 3/(3+N)

Y = 1 + 2N

(N = number of respawns)

Of course the formula may be a bit more complicated and X and Y may also depends on the number of days since last respawn, actual day etc. I also thought about debuff stacking.

Sorry for my English, I tried hard to write it correctly.

Please tell me what do you think about it!

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My personal favourite balancing mechanic is where each additional effigy has an increasing chance of spawning a hostile 'Shadow Wilson' during the night, using the effigy up in the process.

As an idea for the chance of occurence lets say..

1 effigy = 0%

2 effigys = 10%

3 effigys =20%

4 effigys = 40%


And perhaps the newly introduced food spoilage could cause the effigy to rot after a time and spawn one anyways.

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Letting the effigy spoil is a great idea!

I also suggest that, when built, an efffigy inherits the spoilage of the meat used to create it, and that the percentage of health restored matches the spoilage of the effigy when Wilson gets resurrected.

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Good one.

I was thinking about a variable to multiply the monsters HP and damage or to divide the player's.

Each effigy adds 0.1 to the variable. One effigy equals 1.1, two equals 1.2 and so on.

This way would be wise to store the beard near the one effigy and build another only after you resurrect.

I can see some people building more effigies just for the added difficulty.

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