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  1. с огнетушителя а потом на дверь и персонаж висит в воздухе
  2. impossible task

    На трассе "Погоня через магазин" есть невыполнимое задание - пробежать за 32 секунды. Из всех возможных вариантов минимальное время прохождения, которое у меня вышло - 00:32:49:97. Если можно пройти быстрее, то только на доли секунды. Я потратил часы на достижение этого времени, использовал самые короткие пути, но вся сложность в том, что сама сестра не добегает до финиша, даже если её разогнать (догнать) 2 раза (да, её можно догнать 2 раза) . Исправьте эту миссию на 33 секунды или объясните/покажите мне, как пройти за 32 секунды. Вот моя почта, если вы готовы мне доказать, что это возможно. Благодарю за эту замечательную игру. Всего вам доброго TRANSLATE On the track "Chase through the store" is an impossible task-to run for 32 seconds. From all possible options minimal time passage, which I have ' - 00:32:49:97. If you can go faster, then only for a fraction of a second. I spent hours to achieve this time, used the shortest paths, but the problem is that the sister does not reaches the finish line, even if it is to accelerate (to overtake), 2 times (Yes, it is possible to catch up 2 times) . Fix this mission for 33 seconds or explain/show me how to pass in 32 seconds. Here is my mail, if you are prepared me prove, that this perhaps. Thank you for this wonderful game. All the best (The translation was done by google translate)
  3. Dog Collision

    I feel others shouldn't be able to manipulate the dogs movement when its on the ground and they walk past it, causing the dog to get launched into the lava, this also happened when I had the "Starry" card equipped, when I went to throw the dog the Starry follower blocked the direction of the dog and pushed it into the lava.
  4. Я хотел поиграть в баскетбол,но снаряды залетали за щит и не падали . Вероятно их можно достать, забравшись за щит.
  5. geçerken oraya takılırsınız
  6. There are useful sources for the resources needed for the various food types in the game, but nothing relating to the labor costs of them. So I made my own spreadsheet trying to roughly estimate how much each food source costs in dupe labor to feed your colony. This is only looking at foods that are made exclusively with crops. Also not including pickled meal, since it doesn't change the Kcal of the meal lice, just gives it a longer shelf life. Firstly, for those who don't know it takes 10 seconds for a skill 0 dupe to harvest a plant and 45 seconds for a skill 0 dupe to cook a meal. Extra time has been added to each of these to try and account for travel times for the jobs. Second, while each increase in agriculture and cooking skill gives a work speed increase of 5%, which means at skill 20 it takes them half the time to finish the job, the information here assumes that all jobs are done with skill 0 dupes. That said, it is worth noting that no dupe will ever be able to cook on a grill or oven without at least +2 cooking skill and over time everything will get more efficient as your dupes gain athletics skill. Plants that require fertilization will have a dupe come by every 3 cycles to deliver 3 cycles worth of fertilization to the plant. It only takes the dupe a couple seconds to pick up and drop off the fertilization, but usually there's some travel time involved and dupes will pick up enough to fertilize several plants at once so it's estimated to have an average time of 7 seconds per fertilization. We will also be assuming that any plant that requires irrigation will be inside a hydroponics farm, so it doesn't have to be fertilized twice. The longer it takes between harvests, the less labor dupes need to spend on harvesting the plants and moving the crop to and from storage or the kitchen. The total labor time is the sum of the time it takes to harvest the plant, fertilize the plants, and cook the plants, calculated in seconds / 1000 Kcals. Spreadsheet with data: The clear winner right away is raw bristle berry. That's because it's the only item here that requires no fertilization. Once it's in hydroponics, the only thing dupes need to do is harvest it. Lettuce also does surprisingly well, considering on the surface it looks like it would be a very demanding crop. However waterweed actually consumes very little water and bleach stone for its Kcal, the only real downsides being a short shelf life and taking up a lot of storage space. Berry sludge is the only cooked food that actually beats out a raw food for labor costs, which is mushrooms (also the most expensive raw food to grow in labor costs). Otherwise cooking food always costs more labor than not cooking, though it also almost always costs less resources to use cooked food instead of raw food and always gives better morale.
  7. Updated sheet and doc with new asteroid placements and changes to traits as of the 10th of September, 2019. This topic is for doing a deep dive on the actual difficulty of each start in the current state of the game. The intention is to try and help the devs when it comes to ordering the asteroids in their relative difficulties and to help them make changes if something is either much more difficult or much easier than it's intended to be. I've done preliminary work on what I estimate to be the difficulties of each asteroid based on the various conditions on them and given difficulty ratings for the early, mid, and late game. For example, an asteroid missing the ice biome is currently given a difficulty rating of +1 in the mid game and +1 in the late game. The final difficulty ratings of an asteroid is the sum of all difficulty modifiers. However, I have not played through all of the different asteroid types, which is why I'm asking for crowd-sourcing help. Please help me figure out how much difficulty each of these factors actually applies, and I'll update the spreadsheet and documents with what all the players come to a consensus on. Also tell me if I forgot anything. This will also hopefully help in estimating what the difficulty of an asteroid would be if more types are added either officially or through mods. For now, we are ignoring traits entirely. This thread and the documents are related to the basic starts alone. Spreadsheet showing the summary of current starts and their difficulty estimates: Document detailing what each item means, what it's difficulty ratings are, and justifications for those difficulty ratings: Everything in these documents is subject to change, though I'll try to keep them up to date with the latest consensus.
  8. Comunity reputation

    Its not important but i think that comunite reputation is not balance. Either i dont know what it is suposed to tell us or the balance is wrong. How could it be that people like JoeW(with about 24.000 reputation points). And I (with about 200 Reputation points) Have the same comunity reception? Pleas tell me what you know or think of this.
  9. You need to go and get the dog from the spawn location after you leave a buddy mode level. Especially annoying if you leave by accident. Please make it so that you keep the dog in the hand when leaving.
  10. IMO the Wood Burner seem too bad when you compare to Ethanol Distiller>Petroleum Generator I know the tech level is much higher for ethanol route,but look at the number.... for approximate 4 wood burner to 4xethanol>1xPet combo wood give you 1.2kw energy and 640 g/s co2 cost 4.8 lumber per second(I igrone the heat in both case as their not really that matter) ethanol alone cost only 4 lumber per second,give almost the same Co2 plus some dirt. all ethanol go to pet generator give up1040kw energy a bit less then wood(but wood burner cost more lumber per second....) the most crazy thing is pet gen give so much are so happen collecting those co2 and P.water. I would not said the ethanol combo to higher tech,but instead we should nerf/buff wood burner a bit to make them more realistic and balanced (right now compare lumber go into ethanol route/ wood burn is like a mage with/without philosopher stone.The stuff generate from later tech is normal/ but the wood burner was too clear(only 10g/s more Co2). why on earth a lower tech generator giving more green/clear byproduct then a higher tech generator? I think the wood burner need to leave some wasted as byproduct to bring the gap closer and a bit realistic. should have giving out P.dirt,but distiller already doing sand or coal seem useless or too powerful. any idea to give a bit more byproduct from wood burning?(we don't have ashe at this point) i was thinking we could give lime(too op?) since both ashe and lime look similar, or make it a replacement for dirt in fertilizer syth(create a new element(Ashe and having the same use as dirt in fertilizer syth)
  11. First off, some real-world values (chart pulled off Google results, another result has numbers broken up by temperature, and is generally in agreement for 20 C and has more metals covered). The game doesn't need to adhere to these, but things are generally more intuitive to a new player when things match up with the real world at least in the broad strokes. Now, for some points of comparison, let's look at select solids in ONI and their numbers in both charts (real-world @ 20 C/ONI), from low to high for real-world, rounded to the nearest ones digit, ignoring units (since it's obvious there is a unit to unit 1:1 parallel for DTU/(m*s)/K vs. W/m K here despite the game dropping W/J for heat): Glass: 1/1 Ice: 2/2 Lead: ~35/35 Steel: 50/54 Niobium: ~54/54 Iron: 80/54 Tungsten: ~180/60 Aluminum: 205/205 (!) Gold: 314/60 Copper: 385/60 Diamond: 1000/80 Thermium: -/220 As we can see, there is a pretty clear pattern. ONI numbers are compressed towards the low end to try to make materials more similar, as otherwise copper, which you'll start with tons of in Terra, would be absolutely amazing, and diamond utterly ludicrous. Relative order is preserved...except for aluminum, which was given its raw real-world value and consequently is about as good as thermium, and is found in starting biomes on some asteroids. Now, I don't think it's actually terribly much of a problem to have available something that creams iron and lead, but it absolutely is a problem that diamond is being utterly shafted, that forest starts give you something so much better than sandstone starts (which at first appears similar), and that thermium is basically barely an improvement over a forest start's abundant ore. I suggest the following new thermal conductivity values, which preserve relative differences mostly, give sandstone starts a decent thermal conductivity advantage (but not much, barely above current diamond and gold would make Verdante pretty close, just Arboria would suffer), keep diamond as king for what's found on the asteroid, and keep thermium as a big step up: Aluminum: 65 Gold: 75 Copper: 85 Diamond: 150
  12. Warly's new recipes, esp. those that give additional game mechanics changing bonuses (like reducing wetness, giving additional attach multiplier etc.) widely believed to be overpowered, even more so for characters like Wolfgang and Wigfrig. Seasoning powders, added to Powdercake, also becomes awfully strong. Even for a solo player playing DST, they can rotate the following characters using the portal to completely break the game balance (changing a character only takes a purple gem which are generally not even picked up for its very limited use so it is essentially free): Wormwood -> Wickerbottom -> Warly -> Wolfgang. Yes, this is DST, so we can forget about solo players for now. Give your ideas and suggestions here, so Klei will have an easier time listening to us if they decide to do so.
  13. we got 2 world trait that make more volcano magma ,and the world rime also got extra volcano on bottom. but I notice a thing.They always sleeping and do nothing due to over pressured(1840kg).all those volcano just do are afk steam turbine awaiting for construction. we need to make them more dynamic. I suggestion to give them a higher cap on over pressure limit.around 3000kg per title it should be able to break 1 tile of Abyssalite and much like oil pocket break and creating a mess when you digging without plan. there no challenge with those trait(more like free power to tame lower difficult.)at least the taming process should be harder(100% spliting magma the fire time you open it.) btw i suggest we could change the minor volcano to leaky oil style,a smaller but consistent magma generation with higher temperature.
  14. whats everyones take on Oceania? i find it rather easy, not the "slim" ingame chances would rate it. you have access to slime, ice and jungle(?) biomes, with the easy standard starting biome (dont recall name) you have TONS of salt water available at a nice and relatively cool 30 degrees, only needs a bit of work and extra energy to get clean water usable for most plants or other stuff. with how the basins are formed, you usually can easy keep them to farm a lot of lettuce too by letting a skim of water sit on top as you drain the basins. i think if Oceania would be a challenge, the salt water biomes (name?) should be some 50 degrees, so if you want to use it for something, you need to cool the water.
  15. There are some POI features like the oxylite spiral that can be semi useful. It would be cool if there were features like that for gold amalgam or wolframite that could spawn for maps that don`t have the biomes containing those minerals. Just a small pocket of those ores could really help in the later stages when you need gold for oxylite synthesis or tungsten for the advanced cure (for zombie spores). There could also be some more interesting parts of the gravitas facility that contain critters or plants not spawning normally on the map. Like one with hatches or a test lab with wilted bristle berries and a broken light. Just so that you don`t have to rely on the printing pod to get certain plants or critters. Exploring the map to get interesting stuff ar minerlas you need sounds way more interesting.
  16. I have twice beaten the content currently available, rather easily, heavily relying on the card Switch Blade. In both cases: a) I had Inside Fighting - which is rather significant b) I had a graft that provides 1 combo at the start of each turn - which might be useful, but is not necessary. c) I had at least one combat draw mechanic in my deck d) Both runs came early in my playing time (my 3rd? alpha build run; my 1st experimental build run) - which means my total card pool was small and finding these cards was easy; in one run I actually had two copies of an upgraded Switch Blade. With this combination my turn lasts forever by spamming a 0 cost, cycle 1 card that adds a copy of itself into my deck and using action points to draw when necessary. It takes about 3 passes through a deck, maybe 4, before it becomes likely to reach a roughly infinite turn. Upgraded, the card stacks Wound meaning even though it's a 1 damage card, it can soon add up and whittle opponents down very fast. As a deck building aficionado it feels great: I've easily refined a highly competent, game winning combat deck by removing non-essential cards and enhancing this (2-3 card combo). As a fan of rogue-likes it feels kind of bad: Click card, click enemy, click card, click enemy, click card, click enemy, oops didn't draw it, click card, draw 3, repeat. Very repetitive, very monotonous, a little outright tedious. Also, unlike a bleed build, it's much easier to complete combat without murdering anyone, which is comparatively advantageous. I was wondering if any one else felt similarly. In any deck building game, I of course, want at least one strategy that involves cycling through a small deck of cards a bunch and, in doing so, having it become very powerful. This combination feels a bit too easy and has only been diminished by increasing total available cards thereby reducing the number of opportunities to select it. I might as well add that I enjoy the flavor of many negotiation cards, but I do doubt their total efficacy: The best example of this is "White Lie". Once you tell one tiny little white lie, you need to tell more and more and more of them or it's going to quite literally blow up in your face. That's very much on the nose so kudos for that. That said, Doubt feels very weak and while I guess it's balanced by the fact that it a) cannot be targeted by an enemy and b)unlike other inceptions does not deteriorate per turn - both of which are very strong inherent characteristics of the doubt inception - dealing the minimum 1 damage at the start of the next round (after you take damage) feels absolutely awful, especially if you had to spend your turn playing cards that would otherwise damage you in your hand. In other words, why take the 1 action point uncommon White Lie that adds doubt over the 1 action point common card that adds doubt (I forget the name, sorry). Unless some cards exist simply for flavor; that is, this exists because it can, not because it's viable. At which point, should the card White Lie be a penalty like Unstable: a card that is automatically inserted into the the deck when you've done something morally grey, such as convincing Oolo that you killed the Spree in the cave after actually letting them go, or defending someone you meet on the road from a pursuer via negotiation?
  17. Stepping on the dog food pallets just a bit closer to the wall and jumping on the higher up pallets, this spot leaves you stuck.
  18. Version 1.6.8


    (October, 20, 2016) Dont Darken Together Version: 1.6.8 Special thanks to rezecib, DrGrammar, Lumisteria, Indie-ana Jones/Mario384, ekoneko9, and Tiniflake. Also I give credit to Farxodor, which had files stolen from rezecib to make his MOD (Good going, mate). all gamers previously mentioned contributed on inspiring me to make my MOD. ----------------------------------------READ THIS---------------------------------------- Special thanks to SuperDavid from Klei Forums for supervising me during the making of this MOD. ----------------------------------------READ THIS---------------------------------------- Hi, [h1]Darkaisa[/h1] here: Some official game updates have caused a disparity between characters PVP balance and in my opinion when Klei Entertainment releases an update nerfing or buffing a character in Don't Starve Together they execute with an overextension. A lot of details about some characters nerf or buffs were not welcome by the mayority of the gaming community, but I personally like every character's overall theme, so I took some steps to change these overextensions. I am interested in making the game more enjoyable by revising every character's attributes. I hope this MOD eventually becomes the player's "game retreat" instead of losing interest in the game by frustration, grindin, lack of friends, going to play another game, etc. I will try to keep working every character as I go, by updating this MOD on a frequent basis "At least once a year... Joking!". [h1]Important Goals[/h1] Make the game more fun for players by adding increased survivavility and diversity for every character, in a global scale, to make the game more enjoyable Running had been added to the game. To run press LEFT SHIFT while moving. Be aware, running will raise your temperature and consume quite a lot of your hunger food reserves. (After all, you need a lot of energy to run). Use it sparingly or to escape from dangerous situations. Changelog: Version: 1.6.8 - Item stack has been doubled for almost all items - Update compatibility fix Version: 1.6.7 - Hot Fix Version: 1.6.6 - Hot Fix - Tumbleweeds have a chance of providing better items - Stalagmites have a chance of dropping gems - Wendy's sister (Abigail) is not stupid anymore. Her sister ghost will actually be useful and will follow the player instead of stay fighting the enemy when Wendy retreats. This will prevent unwanted deaths. Version: 1.6.5 - Bug Fixes - Shadows drain sanity, effectively canceling Maxwell's sanity regeneration over time if abilities are used beyond moderate potential - up to a noticeable sanity drain at maximun potential. Version: 1.6.0 - Added an expensive refining recipe for gears for all characters (You know, sometimes they're REALLY hard to find) - Running had been added to the game. To run press LEFT SHIFT while moving. Be aware, running will raise your temperature and consume quite a lot of your hunger food reserves. (After all, you need a lot of energy to run). Use it sparingly or to escape from dangerous situations. - Abigail will be smarter and should resist stronger attacks compensating her slow speed. - Maxwell total sanity penalties are reduced to make the player interested in other sanity and health sources to compensate for the sanity drain when using magic. Version: 1.5.92 - Adjusted shadow characters ingredients to prevent infinite shadow spawns Version: 1.5.91 - Bug Fixes Version: 1.5.90 - Updated MOD main goals, extended and organized the MOD road-map - Upgraded Codex versions allow you to use stronger magic: Codex Umbra II, and Codez Umbra III respectively - Codex Umbra II allows crafting of Nightmare fuel at the cost of some sanity and health, and create the shadow warrior - Codex Umbra III allows the creation of the expensive shadow knight - Shadow Duelists come in three tiers, with increasing cost and strength: Shadow Duelist = The crappy defender. They only serve as a distraction to escape danger Shadow Warrior = You can rely on them to protect you from monsters and aid you in combat against small enemies Shadow Knight = The expensive trusty companion to aid you in real combat, like PVP combat or bosses Version: 1.5.82 -Bug Fixes Version: 1.5.81 -Bug Fixes - Maxwell's "DARK MAGIC" creates a more diverse set of disadvantages to compensate for balance, in other words - a more diverse set of disadvantages for Maxwell instead of the current focus of fragility and battle inefficiency. Version: 1.5.8 -Added MOD support on Steam discussions and Klei Entertainment Forum Version: 1.5.6 -Fixed Maxwell's exaggerated sanity drain in some situations Version: 1.5.5 -Fixed the MOD not allowing the player to start a server Version: 1.5.4 -Fixed the game crash bug when using the MOD Version: 1.4.1 - Upgraded the synergy bonus of character abilities to encourage players to work together - Maxwell had a slight ammount of health increased Version: 1.3.4 - Fixed error that caused crash upon trying to host a game Version: 1.3.3 [h1]Stat Changes[/h1] Maxwell now has 100 health (from 75) Sanity regeneration now 10/min (from 6.67/min) Maxwell loses his sanity regeneration while wet Maxwell loses sanity regeneration per shadow beyond the first shadow Maxwell's dark magic negates some beneficial resources, so he receives only 75% of from food and healing items [h1]Shadows[/h1] Shadows no longer require weapons or tools, only requires nightmare fuel, and enough sanity. Shadows can be given hats v1.3.2 - Added purple gems to codex upgrade cost v1.3.1 - Fixed a bug with shadows wearing eyebrellas v1.3 - Shadows may be given hats - Health of higher level shadow warriors reduced, exchanged for damage reduction - Shadow damage reduction is overridden by helmet damage reduction v1.2.1 - Compatibility with latest beta release, should be backwards compatible with the base game. v1.2 - Added configuration - Reduced shadow sanity drain slightly - Reduced healing from items - Reduced file size significantly - Swapped weapon of shadow solider and knight (I guess this makes more sense, since the dark sword is technically stronger) v1.1 - Added third tier codex and duellist. - Added images. ---Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are trademarked and are the properties of Klei Entertainment--- Dont Darken Together.rar
  19. I'd like to take some time here to analyze the balance situation of Don't Starve as it stands (especially in terms of high-level design) and point out places where I feel it's currently lacking. I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I figured the devs would rather wait until the winter patch hit to really go into it. Warning: this post is going to be very long, very detailed, and maybe a little bit harsh, but I think it's important to get some of this stuff out into the open. The very, very short version: the game is still extremely easy (in the long term, anyway; the first two weeks, not so much). In the interest of keeping this massive wall of text at least vaguely navigable, I'm going to divide the bulk of my analysis into the three main pillars of survival--FOOD, SANITY, and HEALTH--before bringing it all together. FOOD: In spite of the title, it is essentially impossible to starve in Don't Starve. There's just so much food everywhere, and with the exception of naturally-generated carrots, every single food source is infinitely renewable. Winter has failed utterly to put any additional pressure on your food supply, at least for a well-rounded map. In my current game I actually hit winter completely unprepared (I expected it on day 30, not 20), with no more than a standard food supply of maybe 4-5 days' worth, and I was totally, 100% fine. In fact, by day 30, I not only had more food than I did before winter began, but I had more food than I have EVER had in this game. The main reason for this is rabbits and beefalo. They aren't affected by the winter climate in the slightest, and either of them is more than enough to feed you forever by themselves, with little to no supplementary food sources. All I did was hunt rabbits a bit every morning and even with the shorter days I had morsels coming out my ears. I made meatballs out of two morsels, a berry, and a monster meat to eat every day. When the berries ran low I just used three morsels. I still couldn't put a dent in my supply. I laid traps, but didn't bother harvesting them; the rabbits I speared by hand were more than enough. With the reduced food spoilage rate, if anything it was actually EASIER to maintain a steady food supply than usual. I didn't even bother with the beefalo after the first day of winter, but they could have single-handedly fed me just as easily as the rabbits. I could have probably lived off of 100% fish if I wanted to as well, though it would have been a fair bit harder due to the low nutritional content of fish and all the mosquitoes I'd need to swat. Stockpiling food during the summer is 100% unnecessary. You can go into without a single scrap of food in your inventory and do fine. Just settle near some grasslands and your backyard will provide you with more food than you could possibly eat. And the summer foods are still problematic too (as unnecessary as they are, given that rabbits and beefalo are available year round). Setting up a huge vegetable or berry farm is pretty easy. The only real attempt I've seen at limiting the effectiveness of those farms is the need to fertilize occasionally, but since manure is so easy to get (from beefalo in huge supplies for free, or from pigs using the very crops you're using the manure to grow) it's basically meaningless. If it wasn't for winter, you'd eventually be able to live forever on berries or vegetables just as trivially as on rabbits and beefalo. SANITY: Sanity is currently working pretty much the exact opposite of how you want it. The sanity meter is at its most oppressive at the very beginning of the game. With the change to food values, it spirals steadily downwards, and if you don't take action you'd probably be dead within a week or two from terminal craziness. In practice all this means for an experienced player is that you need to sleep every couple of nights, which is pretty much a non-issue since grass is the most bountiful resource in the game and if you time it right you lose very little food. Once you have a top hat sanity will only ever go up for the rest of the summer. Winter is still easier than that first week, because the winter hat gives enough sanity to offset the bulk of what you lose from the long nights. I don't think I ever went below 170 or so while doing nothing to bolster it. The only people who will ever suffer from sanity drops in this patch are newer players who don't understand the mechanics (i.e. don't know that they need to make a grass roll and sleep it off). And they'll suffer hard. Sanity is a fairly esoteric mechanic and it'll be very easy to get killed by it without having the slightest idea why or how to prevent it. And even if you change the numbers around to patch over the most glaring problems, sanity still won't be a threat because it's so incredibly cheap to fix. The worst case scenario is I make a few more grass rolls than usual. I'm never going to run out of grass, and I'm never going to run out of food, so what do I have to fear from low sanity? And the other main protection against insanity is the top hat, which only needs to be built once out of a relatively common material and then works forever. Candy isn't necessary, and even if it was it's only a matter of time before you can build a bee farm and get all the honey you'll ever need. Moving the sanity meter further away from the food meter was a very important start, but there's a ton more to do to make it a robust and threatening mechanic. HEALTH: Surprisingly, death-by-HP-loss is the threat that this patch beefed up the most. In the previous patch most combat was a joke due to the absurd strength of the log suit and the ease of kiting and stunlocking things, but your margin of error is a lot slimmer now. The new winter monsters are a bit of a mixed bag. The Deerclops is obviously never going to kill you directly, since you can outrun it, but the thing is relentless. It chased me around the map for like half the day before I was forced to dive into a wormhole. That would be a neat little mechanic if it happened more often and if being forced to spend the night in the wilderness away from your camp actually exposed you to any threats (keep out of the swamps and you'll never bump into anything scarier than a common black spider at night). I decided to go look for the Mactusks on the last day of winter just for the heck of it. Even with flame darts and a tentacle spike it was pretty rough...if I hadn't had the foresight to bring a second set of armor and a few fistfuls of jam I wouldn't have survived (although that was partially due to the hounds being untargetable by the darts for some reason...I'll make a separate report of that later). I was really disappointed by how passive they were, though. For a hunting party they sure aren't very interested in tracking you across the map. They just mill around the biome they spawn in. There's a big missed opportunity there...they could be forcing you on the move with repeated attacks kind of like the Deerclops does but on a different scale. Ultimately, in my current 35-day game, I've almost died...probably at least four times in various circumstances. That's fairly encouraging, but I'm not sure the feeling will stick. A lot of those near-death experiences were due to me making mistakes that I'm not likely to repeat (don't screw with pigs, only farm silk at dusk and not during the day, a 50% log suit is not ample protection from anything, keep a good supply of health-efficient foods on hand if you're going to hunt bees, bull-rush the hounds as they attack rather than letting them group up, etc.). And apart from the Mactusk fight, they were all pretty the first two weeks. By winter I felt pretty much completely safe. So this might be another case where the current mechanics are making it hard for a new adventurer to get established but not doing much to threaten people who are already doing well. One thing that I really don't like is that combat is pretty much entirely voluntary. If it wasn't for the occasional hound attack, you could probably survive forever without ever drawing a weapon against anything bigger than a rabbit. There aren't all that many monsters in the world, and what few there are will mostly leave you alone if you leave them alone. And none of the basic essentials of survival are ever guarded by anything hostile. The idea that you can just opt out of being killed by monsters doesn't sit right with me. Hounds help a little, but I feel like you're relying too much on them. They feel like a random encounter rather than a persistent and threatening force in the world, which isn't all that satisfying. Especially since they aren't linked to your pursuit of food or sanity in any way. (UPDATE: I actually recently started a new character and have hit day 14 without any health-related scares at all, so I'd say that my previous difficulties were completely due to me making bad decisions as a result of unfamiliarity with some new monster attributes. If you're prudent about where you poke your spear it's still pretty easy to stay safe from monsters due to how few of them are actively hostile.) THE REAL ISSUE: Ultimately, all of these problems are the same problem: all essential resources, of all types and for all purposes, are categorically trivial to acquire. That's easy enough to see in terms of food resources, but it's not just food. It's everything. What are the basic staples I need to survive? Mighty armor that deflect a huge percentage of all damage? Made of mere logs and grass. The only weapon you're ever likely to need? Rocks and twigs. Sleeping bags which will trivialize any insanity problem you ever face? Just some grass. A crock pot, which massively increases the efficiency of the most common food items? Logs and rocks. An icebox to preserve my food? Rocks and the spare gold I had left over from the alchemy machine anyway. And most of the rest is silk based, with black spiders being the single least dangerous monster in existence by a huge margin. Look how easy this stuff is to get! I can grow all the wood I will ever need within the light radius of my fire pit. I can't go two screens without finding a dozen grass tufts. Rocks are lying around by the hundreds in vast fields completely unguarded. Spiders will funnel out of their nests one by one and cough up silk almost without a fight every day at dusk. And apart from the rocks (which you need very few of for the most part), it's all 100% renewable. Why, in a game called "Don't Starve", can I build a functioning refrigerator out of junk from my back yard on day two? You never need to struggle to obtain anything. You aren't fighting against scarcity. You aren't fighting against a hostile environment that jealously protects its resources. Absolutely everything you will ever need can be found within a two-screen radius of a well-placed campsite, and it all just keeps growing back. My current character has lived to day 35: the end of the first winter. What could POSSIBLY kill me between now and the end of the second winter? Or the third, or the fifth, or the tenth? Every tree I've ever cut down to make tools is still there for me. So is every berry I've ever plucked, every rabbit I've ever speared, every spider nest I've ever raided, every beefalo I've ever hunted and then some. All just as pristine and bountiful as the day I arrived, if not MORE bountiful. They fed me and clothed me once, so why won't they again? And this time I don't just have them. I also have all the infrastructure I've added to the world: my transplanted bushes, my farm plots, my bee boxes, my crock pot, my iceboxes, my traps, my tools. Without the looming threat of growing scarcity or some kind of shifting threat in the wilderness, the game can only ever get easier and easier the longer you live. The ONLY exception to this right now is the hounds. Even if the strongest food supplies get nerfed, and even if the winter gets harsher, this core issue will still remain. Surviving until day 35 might get harder, but unless something fundamental changes, that's where the difficulty curve will end. Hounds aren't going to cut it. I'm not going to grind through the same routine for dozens of hours just to see whether or not maybe a hound pack would have finally gotten me a hundred and fifty days from now. FINAL THOUGHTS: I want to take a minute here to look back at the very first game of Don't Starve I ever played, back when I didn't really know what I was doing yet. I started out trying to live off roasted rabbit morsels. It kept me going, but there weren't all that many rabbit holes around. Catching them was time-intensive, and it didn't leave me with much buffer to travel on. Eventually I discovered a pair of spider nests not far to the southeast of my campsite. Eager to access the new technologies that silk would unlock, I made hunting them part of my daily routine. The amount of time this took put a dent in my food supply, and I wasn't all that great at kiting yet, so sometimes I took damage. Healing off that damage required eating more food than was necessary to satisfy just my hunger, pressuring my food supply even more. Sometimes I left myself at half health while waiting for my hunger meter to wind down, trading some security for efficiency. Sometimes I had to eat a bit of monster meat here and there to make ends meat, planning on offsetting the sanity loss later on. But I overdid it, and got crazy enough that the rabbits turned into beardlings. Deprived of my only reliable clean food supply, the situation rapidly deteriorated, and I was ultimately devoured by a figment of my imagination after trying to eat monster lasagna in desperation. This is what I want. I want the act of satisfying one of my needs to put pressure on all the others. I want the daily drudgery of collecting food to steadily drive me mad. I want to be forced to venture deep into the wilderness is search of the precious resources I need to keep me sane. I want to be faced with monsters that try to guard those resources, putting pressure on my health. I want the need to restore that health to cut deeper into my already-strained food supply. I want to be forced to venture further and further away from my camp each time, while the world gradually grows more hostile and less productive until I either succumb to the monsters or am forced to flee through the teleporter. I don't want to just cycle through my own backyard every day, tending to my hunger-fixing farm and my sanity-fixing farm and my health-fixing farm before going back to bed, day in and day out, without variation, forever. The game already has most of the basic framework you need to make this happen. All that's missing is a tech and resource system that forces the player to get bolder and more reckless as time goes on rather than becoming more withdrawn and more self-sufficient, and a more hostile wilderness that's ready to punish that boldness. It probably wouldn't even take all that many additional assets if you play your cards right.
  20. Hello! It's my first feedback on Klei forums. I'll try to be argumentative and organized. Although there are 7 characters in the game that we can select from, each feel slightly different and have different things to say, it seems clear to me that some are MUCH stronger than the others. From the gameplay perspective it reduces the number of optimal characters and pushes you to play them. Of course, a stubborn person will still pick something he or she prefers, but it makes no sense why they should be punished for that. I will go through all the characters and try to give a suggestion on what should be addressed by Klei Entertainment. Wilson - His beard is one of the abilities that can remain useful throughout the game. He is the only character that will be able to build Meat effigy without exploiting or even dropping down his Sanity Willow - She is immune to fire, her fire-starting tendencies can occasionally cause you trouble, but if you're careful it will never happen. Considering that up to half of incoming Hell Hounds are flaming, her immunity will go a long way in helping you through-out the game. Wendy - I her. By far my favorite character, aesthetically. Her ability (Abigail coming at night) is NOT strong enough, as far as I'm concerned. Not only it can potentially kill you if you happen to be very low on health, but also her aggro logic is frustrating. Wendy is as fragile as anybody else and for the ghost of Abigail to attack anything, this anything must hit Wendy first (Needless to say, it is not very useful during fights with creatures like Spider Queens). Wolfgang - If I had to name one character that is blatantly overpowered, it would be Wolfgang. Realistically, he is the only character that has 3 (!!!) positive abilities. He gets +100HP; +75 Stomach Size; +Additional Hitting Power with any item in hand. He is the only character in the game that can kill a basic creature with 3 hits, instead of 4 with an axe (or any other Craftsman tool). As it stands right now, I believe he should be either nerfed or slightly redesigned, because as it stands today he is the most optimal out of all the characters. Alternative would be to buff other characters across the board, but that may make the game's difficulty a little bit too easy. WX78 - His ability to eat spoiling food without any penalty is a good help to the player, as you need to eat regularly anyway. However, as it stands today, the spoiling mechanics are not yet refined and the different stages of spoil are not that hindering to the player.. If you are going to fine-tune them, he may become dramatically more useful or incrementally less useful. Wickerbottom - In my eyes, the weakest character in the game (after Wes). Her ability allows her to access Tier 1 researches without having the Science Machine. IMO when you are committing to build your base, the Alchemy Engine will be built this way or the other soon enough (I don't even start my base without it), so her ability will become obsolete very very quickly. Literally, she WILL NOT have any ability after she gets Alchemy Engine. If I would translate her ability into resource saved it would be 1 Gold Nugget, 4 Logs, 4 Stones. This is not really helpful at all... Wes - I am not going to discuss him, as I understand his role to provide a lot more challenge to the player. TLDR: Some characters are OP and some others are UP. I suggest to nerf Wolfgang; buff Wendy and Wickerbottom; reconsider WX78 and leave Wes, Willow and Wilson alone. Thanks for reading!
  21. We know that the next update will be the Winter update and it sounds like it will be fun and hard. So I was thinking the polar opposite could be the Summer update where it's hot as hell and most things die off. Forest fires have been suggested also I'd love to see a water mechanic added that's only around during summer. New animals and bosses could be introduced and the landscape could change to mostly rocky and beefalo plains with forests and grasslands sprinkled here and there. So what do the rest of you think I'd love to see other people's ideas on this.
  22. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title Wolfgang's health bubble is incorrect occationally Steps to reproduce happens after being engaged in battle Describe your issue Wolfgang's health bubble will show incorrectly, sometimes showing as half of what it currently is. if he has 100 hp, it will show as 50 instead. the problem is fixed when you consume sometime that heals wolfgang
  23. There are a lot of people talking about balancing/removing Meat Effigy, since it's OP. I have a brand new idea about it. I think, there might be a debuff, that occurs after respawn from Meat Effigy (mayby also from amulet). That causes a debuff. It will simplly reduce your max hp and hunger to X% for Y days. X and Y will depend on the numer of respawns you had. For instance: X = 100% * 3/(3+N) Y = 1 + 2N (N = number of respawns) Of course the formula may be a bit more complicated and X and Y may also depends on the number of days since last respawn, actual day etc. I also thought about debuff stacking. Sorry for my English, I tried hard to write it correctly. Please tell me what do you think about it!