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  1. I agree with OP, i remember hoping that the spiders would play this role when the spider queen update hit, like having them spread and increase in power rather than just moving around.
  2. Can't AlwaysVerifyEvery SoundC A V E S, Kevin you sneaky devil
  3. They haven't actually uploaded the update yet, there is no way for us to access it..
  4. What if the meat effigy spoiled after a pre-determined time, like the meat it is made out of?
  5. This is a Don't Starve forum, not a bacon forum... /sigh
  6. it wouldn't be much of a survival game if dying had no consequences, as in restarting where you left off.
  7. I really like your take on food spoilage, but an alternative to showing 'freshenss' as a percentage like on tools, you could identify the 'freshness' of a food by examining it like you would a campfire and then it would give you feed back as a sentance with a bit of personality telling you the approximate state of the food. Edit: just realized this would require a way to actually examine food...
  8. what if you were required to build a wharf, and a boat in order to ship your items off to other peoples' wharfs?
  9. I really like the idea of dynamic balance, and consequences that have weight/permanence. and these changes to manure would also help make farming less OP.
  10. Yeah i made that suggestion before i knew what the devs had planned for 'webber'
  11. Maybe it could be balanced if there was a charge meter for when you throw the spear, how long you hold down the mouse button to throw it will determine the distance it is thrown towards the target (or past the target). This would mean you would have to time it quite accurately to get the right distance on the spear to hit a little rabbit or bird. And when you use this weapon against enemies, throwing the spear could be quite risky, because it would leave you without a weapon until you pick it up again.
  12. Theres always the option of crafting a torch at the cost of a few resources, this will allow you explore and/or collect items in the night time
  13. When i first got the game, and when everything was new to me, i made it a point to avoid all spoilers/helpful hints to make sure i could discover everything on my own. I enjoy not knowing whether or not eating handful of berries might poison me and end up killing me!
  14. @Arcadias That's a really cool idea, having science points act as a kind of fuel so you have to feed random junk into the boat to keep it running