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  1. Letting the effigy spoil is a great idea! I also suggest that, when built, an efffigy inherits the spoilage of the meat used to create it, and that the percentage of health restored matches the spoilage of the effigy when Wilson gets resurrected.
  2. I find that the new map generator has made turtling much more enjoyable, yet at the same time much harder to actually achieve. Among some of the effects: 1. Pigs and beefalos are at least 1-3 islands away, and usually with spider nests all over the place. So acquiring dung is much more risky. 2. There are spider nests everywhere, so travelling is just riskier in general. 3. The different biomes are farther apart, so finding a sweet spot from which to turtle involves more compromise than before. 4. Pig King is harder to find, cutting me off from easy gold access, which in turns cuts off easy access to gold tools and other luxury items. This also forces me to be wise about how to use my flint resources. And many many more. I have to make strategic and tactical decisions much more often, and I LOVE it.
  3. Considering that Tentacle Monsters drop valuable items such as spots and the spikes, I feel that taking them down needs to be made more interesting. However, considering that they're stationary monsters with a simple attack pattern, I imagine that this is easier said than done. But here's my proposal: make them a little less stationary and add small variations to their attack pattern like so: 1. When you meet a tentacle monster for the first time, it behaves as it does now. You can use the classic attack and retreat pattern. 2. Once the tentacle is down to 50% health or so, it retracts and relocates a very short distance away. This forces you to look for it again. This also introduces risk, because it may relocate close to another tentacle. 3. If the tentacle is found again, it will popup again, but this time with shorter notice. All this would suggest to the player that the tentacle is scared and trying to defend itself. You could leave it at that, but you could also make the tentacles switch between two-hit attacks and one-hit attacks. The idea would be to prevent the player from getting too lazy with the attack & retreat pattern. If the tentacle switches between one-hit and two-hit strikes, the player won't be able to ride the monotonous timing of the attack & retreat pattern. Additionally, you could reduce (or randomize) the idle-time after the tentacle's one-hit strike. This would mean that the player has to move in quicker to get a hit, but risk moving in too Soon if the tentacle is going for a two-hit strike. The tentacle's idle-time after striking twice is currently quite long and stable, giving the player ample time to approach it for another hit. Adding these small changes, a subset of them or something else altogether (with a few tentacle sound effects or animations to signal the state of the tentacle) could make tentacle hunting a different experience every time. Anybody got other thoughts about the tentacles?
  4. So I've created a new map with the new alogirthm (after the queen update hotfix), and I'm surprised at how much it has changed the game: 1. I haven't been able to find a Pig King. This is actually a good thing if you ask me. I didn't like that the Pig King provided you with infinite Gold because it gave the player easy access to the luxury items (golden tools, bird cage, and even research points). I also stopped caring about flint, (despite it being a finite resource). With the pig king being much harder to find, flint is desirable once again (until you find him, of course). 2. You have to work harder in order to achieve turtling bliss, which raises the stakes of dying. The map algorithm seems to place the biomes farther apart, and so its harder to find a sweet spot from which you can turtle. What I've found is that travelling has become so dangerous with all these spider nests, and I run out of backpack space that I am forced to plonk down my base fairly early in the game. This also forces me to be more strategic about where to start my first base, and work harder to make it self-sufficient. Prior to the new algorithm, finding a nice turtling spot was easy because all the different biomes were generally bunched relatively close together, and getting to them was easy. Not anymore... Finding pigs or beefalos is harder On my map, all the best pig houses are generated at least 1-2 islands away and fairly close to spider nests. This makes acquiring their dung much riskier. I haven't even been able to find the beefalos yet. All this adds to the challenge of turtling efficiently. I will probably have to create a second base closer to the pigs if I want better access to dung. But in order to do that, I will have to take down some spider nests (which I am dreading already now, thx to the queens and the jumping spiders). Spider nests everywhere make travel much more risky Spider nests are pretty much everywhere in the map I generated. This, coupled with spider nests being that much more dangerous has made travelling a very risky activity. This forces me to make tactical and strategic decisions much more often. Its perfect, really. My turtling hasn't been discouraged, but I have to make many more strategic decisions on how to get there. In conclusion, the update has made turtling much more enjoyable for me, while at the same time being much harder to actually achieve. Interestingly, most of the enjoyment stems from the fact that (on my map, at least) higher-end items require more travel and risk-taking due to the abundance of spider nests and their threat level. They're not just some random monster encounter anymore; they're the number one reason why travelling is so risky now, and hence exciting. My only issue might be that spiders are the only monsters to fill that role. How has the new map generator affected your playing strategy?
  5. Isn't the Pig King being a bit too generous with his gold? I had two stacks of meat, turned them into two stacks of gold (2x20), and now I have pretty much no use for flint at all (except for spears if I should ever run out of tentacle spikes). It would make sense to me if trading meat for gold was soft-capped. Like max 1-2 trades pr day or something.