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  1. My personal favourite balancing mechanic is where each additional effigy has an increasing chance of spawning a hostile 'Shadow Wilson' during the night, using the effigy up in the process. As an idea for the chance of occurence lets say.. 1 effigy = 0% 2 effigys = 10% 3 effigys =20% 4 effigys = 40% etc. And perhaps the newly introduced food spoilage could cause the effigy to rot after a time and spawn one anyways.
  2. Death Scenes?

    So long as they were humorous in execution I'd be OK with it. Dead Space style death cinematics would NOT fit the game at all, however.
  3. Both, starts off fairly easy but then gets some horrible artificial difficulty later on in the game. (Hounds and increasingly large packs of them, bleh, the rest of the late game is easy besides them though) I'd like to see the game become a bit more difficult in regards to the longer you play the harder it gets but I don't like the current method of just sending increasingly larger packs of and more deadly enemies at you, I'd rather it was a bit more subtle than that (Such as reduced resources as the game progresses and such so a player who's mindful of the islands resources will last longer than someone who just destroys everything in sight. I also wouldn't mind more powerful enemies appearing as the game goes on so long as they weren't just sent directly at you like the hounds are, perhaps the animals of the island(s) could mutate or something? To stop the camping in base I'd love to see things like meat effigys and plants on farm plots and such have a chance of turning on you too, like in a bunch of the suggestions on the forums so people won't be able to just spam things and remain in their base forever with no worry of the outside world?
  4. Clarke's Third Law:"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."Yes, gluing beard hair to some meat and then nailing that to a piece of wood is highly advanced technology.
  5. So... How did you die?

    My most recent death was due to me not catching on that when there's a lot of items randomly laying about in a swamp I should probably assume there's a tentacle or 4 there.My first death was eating cooked monster meat.
  6. Pretty much anything regarding weaponized bees gets my support.
  7. Total Day Counter?

    I'd like to see more stats in general such as my total deaths and what to, my kills, how much i've eaten, treeguards disturbed, etc, etc. I've always been very pleased with games that provide me with very indepth statistics, gives me stuff to work towards I suppose. (I remember grinding critter kills in WoW just so I could say I had more than anyone else in my guild of critter serial-killers.)
  8. I would never use this option but if it was really easy to do perhaps implementing it as a difficulty option wouldn't be a bad idea; we wouldn't be forced to use it and the choice is there for people who perhaps aren't willing to restart every time. (I admit, I can't understand how this would be any fun for anyone but 'to each his own' I suppose) It'd have to be really easy to implement though since if it took development time away from the core game it wouldn't be worth it.
  9. Feeding a pigman monster meat, figured I'd found a good way of getting rid of the stuff, turns out I was wrong. Picking up items dropped by monsters in a swamp, tends to mean you're walking right into a tentacle monster.
  10. You mean to tell me that not everyone enjoys burying an axe in a rabbits skull and then dancing around flinging their entrails and meaty bits about? Preposterous. "The screaming is just air escaping"
  11. My thoughts on water

    I think Guild Wars wins drunken screen effects for me: OT: I think a good way of implementing water would be to have eating have less of an affect on your hunger if you don't drink so for instance if you eat 20 of X food by the time you reach 20 it's only fills you up half as much as it normally would but if you drink some water it becomes just as effective as normal again, this means you need water to survive* but it doesn't require micro-management like a water meter would and doesn't cause any major imbalances by not directly affecting your hunger meter. Just a thought. * Well, you could survive without it but it'd be a heck of a lot harder, let's say efficacy decreases by a maximum of 75% so players could theoretically play the game hardmode by never drinking; could even make it an achievement.
  12. I'd also like to see a multiplayer mode, not just a co-op though, I'd like to see several people playing at once and being able to either help each other out of hinder each other by stealing supplies from another players camp whilst their away or outright killing them or whatever else one could think of; I'm partial to the idea of a Bee Minefield near another players camp myself.