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I can't believe nobody thought of this earlier.

There has been several complains that, although bigger maps take more time to explore (yay!), running from one island to the other is bothersome (nay!), specially now that the islands seem to be connected only with the next one, making the world rather linear instead of web-like.

SO... what I propose is having the ability to sprint. Not short distances, not for a limited amount of time, but for as long as you want. "What's the catch" you ask? "There's always a catch with your double-faced suggestions" I pretend you may ask and answer myself while everybody is asleep besides me (I blame Cellusious nightmare-inducing drawings). That's a very good question imaginary Toaster Fu, thank you.

The catch is that sprinting consumes hunger as famine consumes health.

[*]The night is engulfing you but you forgot to gather those pesky 3 grass to make a fire?

[*]Perhaps you ventured to far away from your camp chasing a spider and the darkness caught you in the middle of a beefalo prairie?

[*]Or maybe the spiders are back and they are pissed and you don't have a 33 pig army to help you, and you have nothing left to do but to run as fast as your stickman legs let you?

Manure happens. You better be prepared to flee the scene before the pigs arrive.

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Disclaimer: I may have not be fully awake and/or conscious when writing this.
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What's the catc… O.OIn all seriousness, I think the idea could work, but for one the islands can still be connected with bridges (it's about half and half in my world), and two, what would the control be for sprinting? Say you only have a little bit of hunger left and you accidentally sprint… it would be a sad sad day.

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Say you only have a little bit of hunger left and you accidentally sprint… it would be a sad sad day.

I failed to mention that you can't outrun your hunger. If you reach, let's say, %10, you would automatically stop sprinting.

I suggest using [sHIFT] + [wasd], or double-click + hold on an empty spot in the terrain.

You can still [sHIFT] + Click to examine things or hold click to walk normally.

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ninja'd by 50 minutes... damn, I'm getting slow.
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Zombie thread?! Braaaains.Honestly, the idea appealed to me upon my first readthrough, but at this point I'm happy with Wilsons good ol' fashioned trot as it is. I say be damned with all the speedsters out there, when going from point a to point b the journey is half the fun!

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The idea has merit, and has practical application and history. And by that I mean that's exactly how it works in Minecraft. In the old days players complained they couldn't move fast enough or get back to their homes before dark, so sprinting was introduced. Sprinting eats away at your hunger gauge and when that gauge drops low enough you stop sprinting.as a note, when I last played Wilson he died because I had him on an island with no grass and he had no torch or grass on him. It was sunset and I needed to get to an island with grass... only it was 1 1/2 islands away. I didn't make it at normal speed. Ironically I had food and a full stomach. In this case sprinting might have saved his life.

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