In what order do YOU play shipwrecked (yes you)

In what order do YOU play shipwrecked!?  

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  1. 1. What order do you play shipwrecked in?

    • I play ROG first then make a sea worther :3
    • I like just playing shipwrecked first, because lemons. ;3

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I actually just deleted all my saves, I'm realizing I dont really need to hold onto more than one or two:wilson_laugh:

But I feel like the expansions shouldnt need to support each other, they should provide a separate / unique game style. If it is expected that you world hop, I hope they integrated RoG and SW better / consider balance changes.

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I just play whatever is newer. I played vanilla, left it at day 157, then RoG, played it twice and left it at 100+ days. Now i only play shipwrecked, going back to the earlier games is very weird to me and i forget everything. I'll die because i forgot everything, so i don't play older saves but don't delete them either.

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I started with SW in the Don't Starve franchise, so for me there is no-brainer why to play SW alone, but I don't see the chance of world hopping like cheating or something similar. I'm just waiting for release hoping that the game would be stable enough to hop worlds with no mayor issues... Besides, the potential is actually kinda insane.   

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