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  1. Is it possible to edit the game files to change the settings of a world after its already been launched? Obviously not things like world size, but I was hoping to turn off wildfires / disease and maybe eventually hounds when they become too much of a nuisance. Thanks in advance
  2. Changing settings

    I know ingame there isn’t a way but I was hoping that I could manipulate the save file somehow? I tried toying around with it but couldn’t figure it out Edit: whoops this is the ps4 forums my bad, gonna make this topic in the other forum and see if this is possible on PC
  3. Changing settings

    Is there any way to change the world settings after generation? I’d like to turn off wildfires and disease... possibly hounds too when they eventually just become a nuisance. Thanks in advance
  4. First time using the old bell. Rang it, but moved a little bit so it didnt complete. Rang it again, made sure that the durability was used. Didnt see anything happening. Was squashed. Did i mention i was just trying to clear a forest? In the middle of the night?