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This game needs day-specific incentives

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Just a thought I had. The most common criticism of this otherwise fantastic game that I hear on this board is that once one builds a base and progresses past a certain day, say day 50, the game gets boring. Reading the Roadmap post, it seems that the devs acknowledge that they need to make the game more challenging to keep it fresh and to keep people playing. I agree.

However, what also keeps me playing a game is the pursuit of rewards... not necessarily achievements or unlockables, but tangible, in-game rewards that change my gaming experience. The best example of this today, in my opinion, is The Binding of Issac. You can beat that game dozens of times or more, and every time it feels different and every time it feels worthwhile because there is a different reward. Sure, many of them are "unlockables," but those unlocks completely change the gaming experience going forward.

The structure of Don't Starve, I think, is perfect for day-centric rewards. For example, when the player makes it to Day 20, something in the game changes (maybe the Winter kicks in). When the player makes it to Day 50, something else changes (An attack of killer bees moves in). Etc. Rewards for surviving such events could be given. The rewards shouldn't make the game easier; they could change the play experience, make the game more challenging, or just be unique, different, and fun. The "carrot on a stick" idea, when properly executed, gives a game a great deal of longevity.

The point is, the player knows ahead of time that something will happen on specific days. It gives them goals, benchmarks. These are important to keep the player focused and keep him playing. It goes a long way toward alleviating the grinding, boredom feeling.

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Expiration dates for food is also going to be introduced so that people won't be able to just stockpile food and then sit around for 30 days. Because food will expire, there will be a constant threat of running out of food and will force continual food management.

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The main replayability factor of Binding of Isaac is the limited resources. At least on the first half of the game, you have to make tough decisions about how many bombs you spend, and if you risk using your last key to open the shop or not.

That kind of thing keeps it fresh.

Don't Starve lacks that rough decision making, and that is good, in a way. TBoI is insanely fast, to the point where if you don't like your first level power you can start over and don't even notice it. DS is slower, so dying is more annoying. But I still think that we should have more game changing decisions like the armor/backpack issue.

But that's just me, there will always people who complain about that kind of thing because they see DS as a more casual game and don't want to make life-threatening decisions.

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