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You can pacify the tree guard by planting 10~15 pine cones and it will then become neutral towards you. Once it is neutral it will kill all aggressive enemies. If you cut down any trees it will once again attack you.

It took me 2 pine cones for it to turn back into a tree? Does it mean its neutral?

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If its in its Tree Form and by chance hounds come running at me, can I just run to the Treeguard and hope that it'll attack?

Well, in my game i put the pine cones arround and it go back to a three. after 5 days in game i don't know why the three come back to treeguard form, but passive to me.


If Hounds atack You and you run to the treeguard in form of a tree(stuck on the ground) they will atack? I don't know.

If Houds atack you and you run the the treeguard in form of the treeguard(out of the ground) they will atack? Yes. thats actually how i'm defending myself from the Hounds that never stop coming. just keep runing near the treeguard and whem one of the hounds atack and die, all others gonna atack too. =P

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