Shipwrecked Sawfish! idea

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Is a hostile mob found in Shipwrecked. They may be encountered alone in the Medium deep and shallow ocean.Prior to the attack, the player may comment on their approach and the music will change.they come in to sizes small (Swordfish size) and big (tigershark size) The big is rarer to encount.


Sawfish small


Hp 150


Damage 25 


attack period 3


walk speed 5


running speed  8 


Loot: 2 fish meat, 50% 1 bone shard, 20% sawfish rostrum


Sawfish big


Hp 300


Damage 40


Attack period 4


Walk speed 5


Running speed 8


Loot: 4 fish meat, 70% 3 bone shard 80% sawfish rostrum





This item/weapon are crafted with the Engine Alchemy and you need 1 Sawfish rostrum 1 Board 2 Cloth.

you can use it to cut down vines,bamboo,trees and use it in combat. When you use it on trees,bamboo,vines a sawing animation encounters. 


Damge 55


Durability 140 as a weapon, cut 50 vines/bamboo, cut 30 trees 


Does not stack 



What do you think?   don't miss 2 pics  















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I think instead of a long saw (since we already have a swordfish) How about a BUZZsawfish, maybe clockwork, maybe just a fish, but something like a Helicoprion (wiki link) but with a circular hardware saw that rotates.


edit:  better image 





Only add this instead



And let the drop be a saw that you can cut down trees faster with

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Why 2 cloth? Why not 2 rope since that what appears to be in the image. Or even just one rope.


It was just an image, the cloth is for the grip and to tie the boards together but most of all because it's harder to get cloth, thats why.

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