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  1. dupes use water pump but never deliver bottles multiple dupes will pump at the same time
  2. iI feel like binge eating should make the dupes fat reducing their athletics for a while till they spend time using the manual generator or carry enough weight
  3. My duplicants tend to ignore the massage table order half the time, happy ending upgrade in future update?....jk
  4. A delayed game can still be a good game, a bad game is bad FOREVER! -Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario Bros. games) Basically Don't rush the Devs, they don't come to your work and tell you to constantly hurry up
  5. Billy del Squigoro, you killed my father prepare to die.

  6. squidward wanna be my melon guest tomorrow?

    1. T4T3RGR3NAD3R
    2. Billythesquig


      SquiG not SquiD and sure what time


    3. T4T3RGR3NAD3R


      Note the *squigward. Anyway, 5:30 PM EST today. My Skype is Andrew the Gazelle

  7. Ok, I hear a LOT about RoG mobs and biomes in shipwrecked, but I didn't buy RoG again, I bought a standalone expansion in beta, why not have shipwrecked giants? They are, watch the stream vids Alex and Kelly sit there DRAWING GIANT MOBS and talking about new stuff being added, the script needs work but that's coming too, this is NOT RoG 2, that said, one of the contributing factors to the success of Dont Starve was the mystery of what brought the players to their predicament, little clues were dropped, hints, misdirections and that made the game go from funny to compelling, this new situation seems to lack that, the people are just there, it's Maxwell in a new hat I would just like to see someone take the new hat and reach in to pull out a few rabbits is all
  8. granted however they also become inescapably infatuated with you as well and their farts cause you to suffocate and die horribly as the cling to you as if it were a medical necessity I wish for an actual working holodeck like on Star Trek TNG
  9. someone get him outside quick, the guy has started speaking in computer code he must be exorcised THE POWER OF BABBAGE COMPELS YOU!

    1. Asparagus