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3 days...

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I have an unquenchable thirst for more with this game, and right now the update is the most exciting moment for me. i know its only supposed to be a small one BUT WHAT COULD THIS SMALL UPDATE BE!!!!

Evidence or Speculations anyone????

im really hoping deerclops but my buddy is guessing the librarian...

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Grassy areas: Forest, Savannah, or Grasslands. I hope its strong and can impale pigs with its antlers lols. I wonder why it's called the shovel update though hmmmmm. For shoveling..... hmmmm digging huge holes yields a deerclops!? That doesn't make any sense.

Clearly it means you can dig a hole to the center of the earth

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The shovel update, as you can guess, will allow you to dig any random location for a treasure (the treasures will be generated on map generation).

It will also nerf the bush berry farming and other kinds of farming.

Nothing more to expect, despite a few bug fixes. It was holidays guys :-)

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I don't think there's been any official word that the deerclops will make its appearance with the patch, but it does seem likely since it was hinted in the preview video for the last update.

As for the shovel stuff (which is certainly coming), I'm at a loss with what the change to the shovel could be, aside from maybe digging up dirt, making ditches, or burying things.

Also, I think they're saving the librarian for the research update, which will come later.

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Maybe you can stab bunnies in their eyes while they hide in their hole? Then you can take their mutilated guts and roast them over the firepit!.... <-- Result of me being online when I'm overly tired... I have no clue what the shovel update means

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