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  1. Hey, can you PM me your game saves? Thanks. :D

  2. wtfudge still a no go? lisxomixwanless or lisxaemixwanless guessing the x corresponds with spaces come on someone solve it pls lols hopefully after I get back from my electromagnetics class
  3. A Few Suggestions, Post Spoilage

    I really like the food spoilage thing, but the health nerf is just whacked, in a newbie point of view. I recommend that the health benefits of the food be based on how many times you have consumed that type of food. Such as say you've eaten honey 200times then it's healing effect would now be reduced by 2% or something of that sort. This makes much more sense because the happiness level of trying new food is now reduced. Eating the same thing over and over again reduces the health benefits a lot.
  4. wilson aimless? aimless wilson? lols forgot that there was an "a" there. smiles xDDD what was I thinking
  5. Is it correct silvador?
  6. What materials do you guy's think we'll need to make an icebox? I wonder if it needs the winter hat lols.
  7. looks like the stuff you put in the calculator like how to spell "boobs" in calculator idk. 1,5,9 are the number correspondents of the first three vowels in the alphabet. *Wilson smiles?
  8. Holy **** deerclops?

    Those poor exp that he could have used to get the robot though, oh wells. As long as it wasn't me who lost those exp *evil snickering*.Or maybe some crazy hand of fate would still give him the exp idk.
  9. Holy **** deerclops?

    I thought the update would be implemented tomorrow?
  10. Lols you're right just saw that.
  11. So that really was the butt of the beefalo from the last update clue!
  12. Holy **** deerclops?

    Man, that must suck did you create a new world or something?
  13. [Gameplay] Bee mine keeps exploding

    Ah I see thnx for the reply.
  14. No Mandrake Spawn

    The Mandrakes are usually found near grassland turf(small ones) close to the beefalo (smaller one I think) roaming grounds. Or if its the new generation there might not be any mandrakes in your world?
  15. Jan 9 Update: Turf!

    Can't wait for the next update! So close now!