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  1. 30 hours, 10 hours more than Rage from ID Software / Bethesda But I am on hold now, mid/end-game are just boring.
  2. It's not only about paradises worlds, but also nightmare worlds But I agree that it would be better if we could just make maps and share them.
  3. They said they are thinking about allowing players to edit mod/maps. If so, that would be amazing. Can't wait to script it!
  4. We would be very happy to be able to share our generated maps by sharing each others random seeds A feature allowing this would be nice. Not much to say, it's self explanatory!
  5. The shovel update, as you can guess, will allow you to dig any random location for a treasure (the treasures will be generated on map generation). It will also nerf the bush berry farming and other kinds of farming. Nothing more to expect, despite a few bug fixes. It was holidays guys
  6. Yup, the numbers, I saw clearly what they were intended for, the % was the key to understanding their purpose I also saw the first letter as a I or A, expected a A mostly, but it would have taken me to write up a piece of software to try all the corresponding matching replacements, it is nice that you came to the solution ! Joint effort indeed
  7. errrk I forgot to point out that "Mad" should "And" which makes it "WMZ" instead of "WNZ" also, instead of "u -> t" it should be "u ->g" Nice job, I didn't figure out the corresponding table to ordered alphabet ABCD which was a reversed alphabet. How did it come to your mind? I supposed a basic letter translation instead, but did not take time to replace the letters correctly
  8. The numbers at the end of the message are here to indicate you the locations of the spaces in the message. Each number indicates a word length, or the position of the next space relatively to the previous word. The % sign is used because some words are more than 9 letters, so it was required to be accurate.