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Modding horror stories!


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Ever made a mod and lost every single bit of content?


Tips: Never log out of Steam or into a new account while modding.

Keep backups.

Send it to other people, don't hold that off, or you might lose it.


Spent hours (across roughly a week) making a U&A SW conversion, including the Volcano Caves. I spent ages renaming files, changing prefabs to prevent conflicts, and crashing 24/7 to get it to a working state.


I decided to contact PeterA about an issue with ResetAction when going to the Volcano, but only had him on my Alt account. Of course, this alt account did not own DS (Family Sharing) and was not subbed to the mods, so when I opened it to pass the time, it deleted the entire folder, leaving only the actual folder, and an images folder inside. Everything else inside was gone. I never did contact Peter, or keep a backup (seriously keep one of those. always.) and I was going to send it to my friend for bugtesting, but decided to hold off. And that costed me.


Anyone else got any modding horror stories?

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