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So, can anyone, who REALLY knows how the present-droprate works, tell me? Is it random and do you get max. 4 gifts per week? Or are people just talking..


No one really knows how it works, not even Klei. I once asked PeterA about it and he said "The people whom were working on the skin system have all become mentally unstable due to the nature in which it works. I dare not even look at it for more than 5 minutes for I could become mentally unstable as well."


Moral of the story, whomever is in charge doesn't want anyone to know....

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@Kzisor, hah, yes, my brain hurt from looking at it, so I stopped and went back to staring at the sun for recreation ;)

@Thommymcjelly, we've been a little quiet about the details of the droprate and such since the system is still in-flux and changing quite frequently during the beta. If we said any specifics, those specifics would be incorrect soon after, but I can roughly tell you a few things. 4 gifts per week is the current max as many users have figured out already, and the timing for those drops is randomized and weighted so that users who play an average amount of DST in a week should get a few gifts, and those that play a decent amount should get the full 4.


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