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This is not a bug or anything it was actually just be being stupid and it turned into a suggestion (kind of?). So when I discovered SW I hadn't played Don't Starve in some time. So I tired using 'M' for map, and came to the conclusion you didn't have one in SW and had to make one or something. I played like this for a while until I finally realized my mistake, and I was curious what everyone else' thoughts would be on not having a map and having to actually make one. It was rough, I'll tell you that.

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I like the idea to some degree, I enjoy exploring in Don't Starve but I also hate when the exploring keeps me from finding key resources like gold, keeping me at the hunter/gatherer basic campfire tier for far too long for my liking. Still, back when they added the MTT Brand always-conveniently-useless-compass I suggested it have a more meaningful impact on map discovery, and possibly even be used to unlock more map icons that you wouldn't get otherwise, along with potentially a map item and other geographical charting tools, especially with Shipwrecked, the need for far reaching exploration methods is almost a requirement at this point, the spy glass is handy but limited, honestly the biggest problem with SW is easily the way resources are spread out, and with the massive area's of empty water between many islands, exploration itself becomes vastly more deadly in SW that it ever was vanilla and there's genuinely no way to work around it short of the spy glass and treasure map bottles. And even then they aren't that helpful.

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But here comes the problems

if you don't have a map, you'll have to recite it in mind for a while.

So this makes it a challenge for the player himself but it does not really change the gameplay.


This is just like:

 Challenge: You cannot use your keyboard until you craft a walking cane.


And without the map there is no other replacement.

It would be good if there were methods to measure distances or drawing lines.

e.g. You can make a mirror to reflect the sun light, so that you can draw straight lines on the ground.

But, that would completely change the theme and make it a new game. (called The Explorer maybe?)




I think the key problem is not the map, it is probably that every time you play you are always doing the same procedure, which depends on the tech-tree.


Find 2 or more flints -> collect grass and twigs -> find gold -> explore for good location -> mine rocks / corals -> make fire ->  find spider -> transplant plants -> luxuries


There NEED to be more uncertainty in the late game.

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