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  2. I mean if anyone else has made or wants to make alternative sprites for shiny pokemon and post them here feel free. Maybe we could have votes to see whose shiny is the most popular.
  3. Nah, he's driving it with horse reigns.
  4. But I need my bee keeper hat to tend my bees, plus it breaks in what, 2 hits? Bee queen honestly just suffers from the same problem Varg does, no amount of armor will tank 5-6 enemies stunlocking you. If her guardian bee's circle then it adds pressure but gives you breathing time to either attack the queen or thin her guard so you can focus on kiting her exclusively.
  5. wonder how WX (and the rest of the cast for that matter) would look if they had been made with the same calvin and hobbes look Wilson had before they settled on the tim-burton look
  6. These sorts of epiphanys come to me often, I just don't have the patience or passion to pursue bringing them to life myself.
  7. It kind of hit me how much Wilson looks like Neo Cortex from the Crash Bandicoot series. But you know, with his hair still intact.
  8. I'll update this as things come to me, I've not had much experience with DST so chances are I'll run across other things to add to this. First item of the day, I got to butt heads with the queen bee for the first time, she's pretty vicious and I think she, or rather her minions, need just one tweak (sofar), the minion bees I think should circle their target like Batalisks do, I feel it would make things more interesting. Other thing I noticed, the extra juicy berries, teensy bit OP because they rot so fast, that's some pretty easy fertilizer. That's all I can think of, I've only toyed with the New Reign beta and DST for like 10-20 minutes recently, so More will probably come to me as I experience the new stuff.
  9. Not a shiny, just an idea I had if anyone's interested. I'm considering looking at shedinja next for tweaking its shiny sprite. Alot of people I've shown this to have said the pitiful attack stat makes him more worthless than before, which I agree. I still think the higher defence works to help make his low hp more bearable than superfluous, otherwise all it does is give him time to survive dot effects. Revised Base stats I think would be 5HP 90 Atk 60 Def 40 SpAtk 60 SpDef 40 Spd
  10. Ampharos' shiny is actually pink normally, I changed its gems to be pink as well, they're normally a meh light blue shade, I also made its pink a bit more vibrant, the original pink was dull greyish. The Gengar line I tried my best to use Mega Gengar's shiny palette, difficult since it never had an official 2d sprite, i felt it worked better than just the barely noticable hue shift they normally have, as for the green on gastly/haunter that was just a random stab at a colour. I do try to avoid greens with these at least ugly pukey/murky greens like a lot of gen 1 and 2 shinys have.
  11. Just a bunch of sprites I recoloured to get a more desirable looking shiny pokemon than the usual barf green mostly prevalent in the first three generations. I may update this in the future but inspiration comes slowly, so hopefully it'll come to me before the post gets locked from inactivity.
  12. I'm not dead, just a little dry aged.

  13. Eyy

    Happy Halloweener