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  1. Must have spider tea party, Webber, Muffet, Spinarak & Joltik
  2. Boffon.png

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    2. Gotheran


      ev1 wants Bofs

    3. ImDaMisterL


      But nbody wbts him enuf

    4. Gotheran


      eiii carnt hep durt m0ds r al animoo anymoo

  3. Wendy: My dead sister is too far gone to help with a revival item, but I can chill the next 2 years in this place as a ghost and still come back to this mortal coil
  4. Sunlight instead of Hunger? I'm interested.
  5. Wellington.png

    1. Mobbstar


      The pinacle of bad puns


      the bad punacle

  6. Where's the option for Wellington Voted for Woodie, cause we need moar lumberjack love
  7. Someone needs to draw WX as his spirit animal, the Goat.
  8. Lets hope Klei unlocks the 2nd half of the puzzle after a couple days, statistically speaking many people will not be able to complete it by the time the puzzle ends given its 90% rng.
  9. *Crosses fingers for Wellington*
  10. @spiderdian I also see another 3 roughly under the red 2 i put in this image which would make it 23 but that may be erroneous, maybe the 6324 is erroneous and thrown in either on purpose to throw people off or its somehow insanely coincidental that those are so clearly there.
  11. You say that, but I really want to hoard like 30 mops and beat the boss with just mops. Plus with the whole durability system to weapons, at least I personally, tend to hoard items that do decent damage and save them for an enemy that is particularly difficult or imposing.
  12. Mammoth Beetle...
  13. What's everyone got against Wellington? I mean the guys name itself is a pun! Whats not to love

  14. DST doesn't count plus there's still time for them to add someone, what about Wortox, he counts right?