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  1. The Shipwreck Renaissance

    All the characters need serious rework if they want to be relevant in RoG. What I'm seeing sofar in the update is a step in the right direction in terms of nautical and general features. Frankly, I would be rather willing to settle for SW getting ripped out of DS Base/RoG and being refashioned back to the original plan of being standalone if it means it will get the focus and attention it needs to be playable. That said the biggest beef for me was the characters, I couldn't suggest much if anything for anyone beyond Walani though, and for her I'd just suggest her board be indestructible (but with a 'balance' meter so she can fall off the board) and usable as an improvised weapon or planted in the ground to function as a siesta lean-to. I'd still like to see swimming, not to the point where one can ignore the boats altogether but enough that you can swim out into the shallow water to gather mussels, seaweed and other things very briefly but at the obvious penalty of becoming fully wet immediately, also a time limit or clothing specific to the task that wears out with use (like an innertube or floaty wings), it would also mitigate making a boat just to act as a 'bridge' between two islands with a tiny bit of shallow water between them. With the addition of the ability to move/plant mussel spots and in line with the idea of subsistence, a thing SW struggles with, "sea farms" as an option to plant seaweed, and a new crop a 'sea cucumber', and maybe other waterborne crops. Retweaked world gen is severely in order, as is the world feels very boring and uninteresting with few to no recognizable set pieces/landmarks. Its remenicint of early builds of DS base where world gen was far more random and whacky. It also is strongly similar to the current Ruins in DS (haven't seen them in DST since I can't run it alone and most servers reset after 2 ingame days.), very empty and very lacking in content.
  2. Just a couple bugs I caught when playing, In the RoG world coming from SW I still had a few things added by the update still craftable in the RoG world, mainly the sealab, mussel clump, and fish farm. And Also rand into Tar that generated on land, seeing as the Quacken Drill isn't usable on land nor is the tar extractor placeable on said land tar spill I assume this is a world gen bug.
  3. Meet Winona!

    I swear if there's some breakdown mechanic to buildings and such I quit.
  4. *ahem* I think you mean Wellington
  5. Must have spider tea party, Webber, Muffet, Spinarak & Joltik
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  7. Wendy: My dead sister is too far gone to help with a revival item, but I can chill the next 2 years in this place as a ghost and still come back to this mortal coil
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  9. Where's the option for Wellington Voted for Woodie, cause we need moar lumberjack love
  10. Someone needs to draw WX as his spirit animal, the Goat.
  11. Lets hope Klei unlocks the 2nd half of the puzzle after a couple days, statistically speaking many people will not be able to complete it by the time the puzzle ends given its 90% rng.
  12. *Crosses fingers for Wellington*
  13. @spiderdian I also see another 3 roughly under the red 2 i put in this image which would make it 23 but that may be erroneous, maybe the 6324 is erroneous and thrown in either on purpose to throw people off or its somehow insanely coincidental that those are so clearly there.