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  1. That's... actually sparked something I wanna look into.
  2. I had the same issue. It apparently had something to do with a change to how they worked or something and older accounts on the forums would get stuck.
  3. The functionality is nice, but I'm more interested in the fact that this pretty much means Wilson is present. Unless it's purely for functionality, but I dunno.
  4. Rip public servers. People who want Wes skins but can't play Wes, everywhere.
  5. Uh... different colored light while supercharged...? Dunno.
  6. Boom. Instant monster. rawr.mp3 :^)
  7. I take joy in having the skin. I don't take joy in someone else not having it.
  8. I already have a title for my rank being stuck at Junior Member, but I couldn't help but hope to get a puzzle title change for this post. Oh well. It was fun regardless.
  9. It might as well be a dream. It's still not available to us Steam users. ;~;
  10. They seem pretty connected to dimensional stuff, and tied deeply with the lore. Knowledge is power after all.
  11. I was looking through the William Carter puzzle stuff and noticed this. Remind you of anything? Now the first image is really old, but it has shown relevance with some of the other symbols, and so assuming it is valid... The symbol could potentially be of the following, or something similar. The first one seeming to mean sky (or something similar), and the other, I think, meaning illusion. I'm less interested in the symbol, and more so in the gem. As this gem seems to hold great importance. Given theories of it being the opal the symbol sky could work, meaning sky gem, but then why not just use the moon symbol? Overall, I have no idea. Just found that particular detail interesting.