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  1. Yeah yeah, there's a hole. It's just easier to identify the mouth from teeth in my opinion. That's possible. I just assumed they were teeth because the other two statues teeth look a lot easier to see, and they share the nightmare fuel pouring out of their eyes and mouths and pooling up onto the ground. Actually... now that I look at them all like this. The reoccurring brown substance appears to be were the nightmare fuel is touching the most, and while similar, to the general color of the atrium one, it is different.
  2. Oh no, I've been tagged in an art thread. *cracks knuckles* Alrighty then. From page one it is... "94 pages" ...in the morning.
  3. The only Weavers I can think of in Greek mythology would be Arachne. Dunno if there is any parallel's there. I should probably call it a day.
  4. The thulecite statues will carrying gems in the sockets on occasion, and the atrium ones, during a nightmare cycle, hold up their hands holding nightmare fuel.
  5. (People posting before me! At least it ain't a double post then eh?) So a friend brought up that the "Lend me your power, one last time," may be referring to the Woven Shadows that they summon, and not whatever lies on the other side of the gate. Sooooo.... I took a looksie and noticed something. Hands and faces. Now applying it to theory, immediately I knew one hole this could plug. The spines, the large mouth, the thin base. It all works, but then there was the hands. They just... aren't there... Perhaps a bit more of a stretch is this... I've always been curious about this. They look similar, but the atrium one lacks a face... it does have teeth tho. (Still don't know what to make of the recurring strange brown substance)
  6. You know, something regarding the Ancient guardian hit me actually. With the prefab name being "Minotaur" and having to go through a labyrinth to to get to it... Well the parallels are obvious there yeah? Well... that story is Greek... Prometheus is also a Greek story... it might not be as far fetched as I originally thought...
  7. I'm referring to the Atrium statues. Which cannot be mined, but show thulecite cores in the game files. I too have already stated these quotes are quite open ended, and the scenario you are putting in them is the default mindset. Which I am not disregarding. It is most easily interpreted that way, but if we only interpret in the default state and don't let out minds open for further ideas then we're limiting our own knowledge growth. There's direct evidence for hardly anything. Especially if you decide to keep your focus on a single thing and not let the surrounding things clue in on the meaning of others. As I've already stated, Webber refers to the people depicted in the murals as bug people. Thus I simply decided to accept the ancients as bug people. Then it comes down to the anatomy of several types of bugs. The chitinis-looking overlapping plates on the back are an attribute of bugs. Tie the two together, and we have the statues depicting the ancients. Maxwell even quotes "A once proud race," for the normal ruins statues. To simply say they were proud due to a work of art, is entirely possible, but it's quite direct and almost implies the statue to be of this race. Nothing is proven until it is outright said. We can prove nothing. We can only speculate. I've given several examples of my reasoning for the statues which you seem to have either missed or ignored. I'm even saying I get where your coming from, but cannot agree for xyz reasons provided. If this has lost your interest then so be it. Sadly, our attitudes appear to be incompatible.
  8. There's no reference to them being non-organic or organic. Simply based on observation I decided, based on its texture and the quotes, for it be something real. You deciding to swing the other way is entirely valid as well. As far as mummification into Thulecite, yes there is no specific information stating which. That's why I looked at the context around it, with the similarities regarding the shadow creatures. I have to disagree, as I stated in the video. In regard to "my world" and "this world", as also stated, "My city... in tatters..." does suggest they belonged to the ruins, but we shouldn't immediately decide that makes them an ancient—at least the same race. Webber clearly states the people depicted are bug people, and the statues also appear like bugs. The Fuelweaver doesn't fit that description. That doesn't mean it didn't live in the ruins though. You can be born one place and move to the next and call it its home all the same. The fossils are in fact built incorrectly in these other forms as confirmed on stream. What your saying does make sense, but as I already said. Webber described bug people, and thus I cannot agree.
  9. I've been spouting lore and theories in several different threads, and finally decided to make a single location for it. My most prominent theory is about the statues not being statues, but the bodies that the ancients left behind. Instead of making a wall of text, however, I decided to do something different and make it into a video. Hopefully that will keep people more engaged, and be easier to follow. I'm no expert with this stuff, and not much of a speaker so forgive the quality. While most of my interest lies with the statues, I go over a number of topics including some interesting details regarding some of the Fuelweaver's quotes. I tried not to make too many bold statements, aside from the statue one, but rather share things I've noticed. Which may or may not be relevant. That way you can come to your own conclusions, and add to your own surplus of ideas. I very much want to hear everyone's own thoughts regarding everything lore. Different angles and opinions can draw us closer to the truth! We're all in the dark here, so there is no sure answer. Differing thoughts will occur, but let's keep our minds open shall we? So what do you think?
  10. Mewsic

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      I really need to check this game out.

  11. ATRIUM_GATE = { OFF = "A beacon of hope left unlit... How fitting.", }, - Wendy
  12. Yeep! That's exactly why it peaked my interest. It could be a coincidence, but if we assume it as truth and place it in the context... it works.
  13. Has the topic of losing to the Ancient Fuel Weaver been discussed? Once you die they walk to the gateway then it seems to shut off and they crumble. Their final words being "please...". Am I misunderstanding or did they shut it off? It seems to work perfectly fine until they start messing with it. Could it be they truly are trying to save the player by killing them? I'd say their fate is a fate worse than death...