Shipwrecked DLC suggestion

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Don't know what shipwrecked will bring us but thinking of lost hopes in the foam of water it reminds me of the nixe Lorelei and that song about her.




Would be soo awesome to have necks in the game.




Although it doesn't give that cheerful swing the hovering sadness of that song sticks like glue to drag you into the dark depth of depression or a drowning end in the black waters. :wilson_tranquil:

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Ah, glad to see someone started this thread.


1. Gold should be more common. I found one piece of gold out of 4 islands.

Solutions: Gold rocks could be slightly more common or doubloons could be crafted into gold without a science machine.


2. More biomes. Having more than two biomes for landmass would be an improvement.


That's all I got for now!

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