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  1. The Bush Hat does not have a durability. So all you got to do ist craft one. The only downside are a questionable fashion sense and jokes like: Hey are those berries or bloodstains of your victims?
  2. Going for Merms in a fist fight is something you rarely dare. Such keenness. What you are going to do with me now? You pictured me spot on. You amaze me but you also frighten me a little.
  3. I always thought the Merms were related to this fellow from Creature from the Black Lagoon, which as it seems is the first movie adaptation of HPLs monstrosities. Aside from some body fat they look alike. What do you think? The Vampire Lady is a nice idea. Does she have red crosses because she is a nurse? That would be cool. ImDaMisterL since I have a medical condition that is related to all the vampire myths I can tell that smelly stuff is out of option. Garlic, leek, onions and essential oils alike are way to intense to be exposed to. Especially when you think that you have to handle all the pig poo in game. Yuck! Would make great for sanity loss when you pick it up. I like the idea of the requirement for a hat in the sun. Quoth143 do you mind if do it alike on my toon? Aside from the glasses I am running around with a black hat in real life too, since sun is a problem to me.
  4. Sorry the philosopher in me ran riot. To put it simple: If you think a person acts screwed or evil or crazy than that person might have reasons you don't understand right now. You might not have the same information as this person and so you can hardly judge their doing. If you want to judge, you have to be extra careful that you don't miss anything. One step would be to ask the person why. But you might end up with no valuable information, so you then have to look at the circumstances. But aside from all sympathy, you do have the right to stop a person that acts intentionally harmful, no matter how they justify the means.
  5. Screwed? I you have perceived something that others are not able to sense than you might be screwed from their point of view. I mean how do you explain the color red to a person that is born blind. In the Book Flatland the hero encounters the same problem. Even if you have a word for a context, as long as your perception disallows you to grasp it entirely, you will always have a distorted view of reality. You might have an idea what it might be but you will never act is if you where certain. Think of a colorblind trying to find a ripe fruit. He can act as if he knew by seeing them that they are ripe but he only knows for sure once he takes a bite. And if he was wrong his reaction will give him away one way or the other.
  6. I tried to imagine how I would do in a world like the one pictured in Don't Starve. I did manage to create this image in Inkscape with one funktional hand only so I expect my chances are like five minutes of survival. Can you Imagine yourself as a survivalist in Don't Starve? Or maybe that skeleton I just passed by were your remains? Who knows?