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Do you want achievements in Steam?  

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  1. 1. Do you want achievements in Steam?

    • What kind of stupid question is that? YES.
    • NAH, I've never accomplished anything in my life, why start now?

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So, by now, it is widely known and used the Ronski Maneuver, which consists on surviving the night running between fireflies.

I, for one, would like to present you the "The enemy of my friend is my friend... at night" Achievement, which just let me survive a whole night without fires or fireflies :D

What accomplishments have YOU managed to pull?

Perhaps you whacked to death a spiketacle with their own spikes?

Or you managed to gather an entourage of 10 pigs, all wearing top hats?

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notice the impartiality in the poll :D
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I'm going to keep updating this post so stay tuned!

I'm a classy man with my top hat and my axe.

This tea is fabulous

Dances with beefalo

They only dance when their sleepy

Keeper of bees

Stay healthy, stay happy

Imaginary scientist

It's over 9000!

Are you blind!?!?

Die a dishonorable death

Bling bling!

Put that gold to good use

I own this town

Buyout the pig king

Try try again

You tried your best, but it just wasn't good enough

The 300

That's a lot of meat

On the open road

No more trees


Just. One. More. Stump.

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"NAH, I've never accomplished anything in my life, why start now?"Well that isn't a oxymoron used with achievements. (this is sarcasm)

So, you are saying that haven't never accomplished anything is an accomplishment in itself? :DThe good thing about achievements is that you can perfectly ignore them and continue playing as if they weren't there. The bad thing is... well, they are designed to hook you for more time than you would've otherwise.
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