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As I play don't starve I find myself adding rules to each character based on the background I make up for them in my head, for example as wolfgang I set up camp in a rock biome to reflect his hard nature

What I want to ask is do you any of you guys out there have any interesting rules or themes that you apply on playthroughs as opposed to the simple "make a base, survive, build everything, fight queens" way of playing?

I'm starting to exhaust the different ways I've came up with playing through and ideas would be helpful :p

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Or try these:

You must eat everything you see.Except monster meat,wich you must pick and eat at 0 Hunger afterwards.

Do an action every 5 Seconds.(You better improvise..)..Also,if you hold a key,you must not let it go before 5 seconds.

No normal food except monster meat!Cooked or uncooked.Honey allowed.Crock pot isnt.

And the last one,you may move only near trees (Pine cone plant range) or structurces ( abit bigger range,so you can move in your camp),Your forest may not burn down,or die.Tree Guards count as your forest,so,dont let them die.

If anything dies / burns you may not go near it (So you cant see it on screen).If you have a fire hound,you may lead it out of forest.

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bacon run life off of bacon.

I'm actually currently living off bacon and eggs for breakfast, meaty stew for lunch and honeyham for dinner

wolfgang needs his meat to stay so strong you see

when I'm adventuring I just take a huge hamper of meat and meat based dishes

thanks for the suggestions will try some of these :)

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