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Ok, so...F. this game. Seriously, F. this game in it´s entirety. DST is just not fun. PVP multiplayer simply doesn´t work. You work hours making a base and it takes only one guy to wreck it all up. What´s the point? It´s just a grieffer´s paradise. And then when you start to fight them and they are about to die, they just log off. Fun, really just fun all around, couldn´t be funner, yippy ******* yay.


I also want to ask for some advice. There was this guy I was fighting who kicked my ass just now (partly I´m so angry). Syphillis I think he was called (awful name btw) and every time I attacked him, he managed to hit me first. And no matter what angle, he always managed to hit me first. What is the strategy there? What makes it that everytime he hits first. WTF.


Anyway, those are some thoughts on PVP DST. 


Edit: I just want to say, I do love the singleplayer of this game. So, please note that when I´m criticizing the painful multiplayer I feel bad about it. 

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I doubt the devs will see it here, nor most DST players.


I agree that without "classes" of any kind or definition, PvP is just a matter of luck and brute force. It'd help if you couldn't get stunlocked by a single other person.

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