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Pan Flute and PVP, tips?

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  • Sleepy Time Stories... see who gets who(m) first?
  • Stacks of armor... they hit you, you wake up, they put you to sleep... repeat until all 10 uses are up?
  • (I wish for ...) Invisible traps!! *sigh* :T
  • Avoidance?
  • The power of friendship (have someone on standby to help you out... someone who's out of range of the pan flute, then apply the stack of armor thing?) O__O
  • Pigs for when you get whacked...

But then again, there's the gunpowder thing... :T


Wake up from fire damage?

(Essentially, nope, nothing effective to counter it...sorry dude... I could be wrong though)


EDIT: Or get revenge, when you get killed: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/49868-a-pocket-full-of-killer-bees-for-pvp/

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If you are the first person to the Pan Flute be a good sport and waste all 10 uses on nothing. If you aren't the first to it then keep one pig recruited at all times (try to get them some armour) that way if you do get hit with some sleep the pig will try to defend you and keep the attacker off you.

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Thanks for the replies. I think my biggest is issue more the drowsiness than the sleep itself. Someone can get one or two extra hits if you're asleep, that sucks but it seems fair.

After that, however, I can't really fight them off until the drowsiness wears off. I was hoping for some ideas on what to do at that point. It seems I'm just s.o.l in that situation.

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1) Get a few good helmets.

2) Get a ham bat.

3) Get a good macro.

4) Get an ice staff or two.

5) Get a few honey hams

6) You are god now.


Do all that in less than 10 days!


Also if you cannot play the game to save your life, then use a macro!

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