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  1. It looks like she's exploding out of you, as though... there's a little bit of Charlie in all of us...
  2. Looks like it's 'player_hit_darkness.zip' As far as I can tell it's new for the beaver update.
  3. Not sure what ghosts you're talking about, or if you're proposing a hypothetical mechanic, but this isn't true for the ghosts in DST.
  4. My whole point is that the way most people use 'kite' in Don't Starve does not correlate to how it is used in other games, which can lead to confusion. In WoW for example, if a tank moved out of melee range of a boss to avoid an attack, and then immediately move back in, then I don't think many people would call that kiting. I get your point, but 'run' in that sense implies running away, i.e. disengaging completely, rather than run as in simply moving away briefly.
  5. Well, this got off topic. That's fine though, I think I said everything I wanted to about my problems with the word 'kite'. The difficulty does, and should, get exponentially greater the more enemies you are fighting. The only thing you can really do is try to get their attacks synchronized. Depth Worms are actually one of the easier enemies to do that with because they are so slow, but I guess it depends on what you mean by 'kitable total.' I think the most I've ever fought at once was four, and that was pretty hairy. You can technically dodge ranged attacks, but it's usually not worth the trouble. Unfortunately the most efficient way to fight these is generally tank n' spank. Dragonfly's melee attack in DST can be dodged, in single player you can with a walking cane. Deerclops' attack range can also be dodged, you just have to start moving a bit sooner. If there is no way to predict and dodge a NPC's attack, then the best way to fight it will likely be to tank n' spank (like the enemies with ranged attacks.) Don't Starve's combat may be relatively simple, but at least it's a bit more involved than that. One or two enemies like that would probably be ok, but I'd hate to see it become a trend. I'd like to know how you determined that you are attacking at the exact same time. Like Flare2V said this doesn't really ever happen. Even if you perceive it that way they are probably several milliseconds apart, which is quite a while as far as the computer is concerned. To us it simply looks random, even though it isn't (not like anything in virtually any computer program really is.)
  6. Gotta learn to juke. =P There are block items in the caves and ruins, which are coming soonish. Movement prediction should be a built in option, but not completely disabled. The super fast macro attacks can be a problem that will hopefully get fixed, but you can usually just get behind them before they get it going again.
  7. Heh, when I was a kid we called that a kite-fight. I think the term comes from football and other similar sports. One 'jukes' a tackle by faking out the other player as to which direction you are going. I still think this fits, especially in pvp, but as Kzisor pointed out most people think of 'juking' as something more involved. I totally get this and agree, again it's not a big deal. Word usage evolves, but words are used to convey more complex ideas. I think using 'kite' this way leads to ambiguity. One can defeat a Deerclops by kiting him to a reed trap, or kiting him with blowdarts, or kiting him with a hambat. There's nothing in the word that suggests the large differences in these strategies.
  8. I also come from a MMORPG background, so I find it interesting that I don't see it that way. Maybe using the words 'melee' and 'range' was wrong. I think it's more that I see kiting as staying out of range of your opponent completely, whereas juking or dodging is more about timing. In WoW I would never have considered moving out of melee range to avoid an attack, then moving back in, as kiting. I feel this describes a usual fight in Don't Starve better. I don't play Starcraft. If it's common in games like that to refer to a melee unit kiting another melee unit as a means to defeat it, then I'll just have to concede that my understanding of the term is incomplete.
  9. But you are. You are faking out your opponent (either a player or NPC) by being in range of their attack until the last moment. But fair enough, maybe 'juke' implies more complicated maneuvers. In your hit and run example the melee hit is usually more about getting the monster's attention than doing any significant damage. To me kiting implies that you are more worried about getting your opponent to follow you rather than killing it right there. I don't know if I would consider fighting something exclusively at range as kiting, but it is more similar at least. You make a good point that in this situation the mechanics are the same as fighting melee. Tanking implies simply soaking damage, so I do agree with the term tanking as it is used in DS.
  10. The way people use the term 'kiting' to refer to fighting things in melee in DS has always bugged me. To me kiting requires using range weapons or abilities and trying to stay out of melee completely. In a melee fight I think the term 'juke' or simply 'dodge' fits the situation much better. Because you are intentionally staying in melee range until the last moment of a hit, and then only briefly moving out of range. I get that this has been called kiting for a long time in Don't Starve, and it probably won't change. The problem is that the more traditional use of 'kiting' still has meaning in DS, such as kiting a Deerclops away from your base, or kiting a player with blow darts. I propose people stop using the term 'kite' in reference to using melee attacks and use 'juke' instead. I think the differentiation is important to explaining things clearly. Thank you. P.S. Don't take this too seriously. It does bug me and I wanted to get this off my chest, but It's not a big deal. I also wanted to know what other people thought of this.
  11. Version 0.5


    A simple mod that increases the collision radius of campfires and firepits. The intention is to reduce crowding and to make cooking or adding fuel easier. This mod must be used on the server/host and is not required by clients. You can change the size in the configuration options. I decided to use values of .3 (the game's default), .5, .7, 1, 1.5, and 2. I feel that a value of 1 is a good fit, but feel free to try out different values or change the options to suite your needs. If anyone would like me to code in more options let me know. Trying out temperature options. There is a 'compensation' option for hot and cold fires separately, which *should* make the temperature at the edge of the collision radius the same as if you were standing as close as possible to the fire without the mod. This will increase the temperature further away slightly however. "No" is no change. "Min size" uses the smaller value of the campfire or firepit that you select. "Max size" uses the larger value. Or you can choose a specific value if you'd like. Additionally I added an option to multiply the heat of both fires by a fixed amount. This will probably lead to weirdness, but I haven't tested it out fully. Use this option at your own risk. I initially made this for DST, but thought it would be useful in single player as well. Currently I just made another version for SP (labeled [sP]), so use that one if you're playing regular Don't Starve. If you enjoy this mod, or have any thoughts on improvements please let me know.
  12. Hey Don't Starve people! I'm trying out a Let's Play series with my mod character Woad the Flowerchild. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcIv2ch-lqI&list=PLi-JAaMM_Gl9Ezzh5mqQ56u_OgP2lENyi I'm trying to keep each episode to around 20-30 minutes, and posting a new one daily. Any thoughts are appreciated!